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Okay - we've got this new Blog feature going thanks to Luke Goodwin who is more than happy to make your site more functional (and beautiful!). We are working to upgrade a few features on [...]

The Green Pajamas live at Silver Platters is playing in the box to your right. Nice!

Whew. Lettsee. There's a super review of The Icons' Masters of Disaster in Rock and Reprise. Thanks, Frank! The Hitmen's Smashface is all done and it is totally fantastico and ready for a Halloween release. [...]

Another day in the life! The Hitmen's SMASHFACE release is mastered. The cover is done and out to print. The insert is done. Time to get to work on the Xmas AotM. We will be [...]

Oct. 2010: Little Bears From Bangkok – Vic Morrow

Greetings my Friends – Welcome to the October 2010 AotM, which of course climaxes with the most terrifying of all holidays, Halloween. Needless to say, we have picked a band for this month [...]

Little Bears From Bangkok are the GMR AotM for the next 31 days. Cool is cool, baby! Thanks to Jim Anderson for letting me get my hands on this stuff and to all Little Bears [...]