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Well, it is turkey day and snowing again. Seattle has responded to frozen streets with its usual shutdown, but worry not you - at GMR we are still hard at work preparing several frozen treats [...]

Snow snow snow. Whew. Excellent review today of the PJs Red, Red Rose today in Pop Matters! Only a week to get the GMR X-mas thang ready to rock. We will have some tasty and [...]

Ok - Here's the last few days (besides the working life) Last Saturday and Sunday: Mix The Icons - Pro Tools seems to working at last! Monday: Record Michael Harris playing piano on Hot Dog [...]

Nov. 2010: The Hitmen – Smashface

Welcome to the very delicious November 2010 GMR AotM! Let us give thanks – it is time for The Hitmen’s long-lost SMASHFACE! You didn’t even have a clue how much you needed this. [...]

Well, Pro Tools seems to be happy at last and I got some Icons tunes mixed. Plenty of work n stuff for the X-mas AotM this week, plus mastering Jeff Kelly's new Goblin Market album. [...]

Okay, it's 7:00am and I going to spend this glorious day mixing The Icons mostly. In theory I have got Pro Tools working after 2-3 weeks of wrasslin' and replacin', rebootin', you get the idea. [...]

A very nice review of The Icons - Masters of Disaster in The Big Takeover. Speaking of those darn Icons, I think the Pro Tools Monster may be whipped back into shape and I may [...]

It is time for The Hitmen once again. If you missed them the first time around and have been kicking yourself ever since, stop kicking. SMASHFACE is streaming live this very minute and you can [...]