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Howie is doing the AotM for January, featuring 100% Jerden Records recordings sent to us by Bob Wikstrom - thanks Bob!. They mostly come off the series of History of NW Rock albums curated by [...]

I am seen the future of rock and roll - PIGBAND!! They are yesterday new. They have three songs. 1. Pig All Day 2. Song For Pig 3. Little Bother. They have MONOTRON.

Merry Christmas one and all! We hope you and yours have a fabulous holiday today!

Today Don Van Vliet aka Captain Beefheart spent his last day with us. I salute him.

Okay - wuts new? Howie and Keith L. have been getting some GMR stuff loaded into our new Bandcamp page where you can download high quality files of our albums at a darn fine price. [...]

Dec. 2010: Hot Dog! It’s Another Green Monkey Christmas!

Okay Seasonally Festive Music Buddies! It is eggnog time again and once again we are giving you a slab o’ Christmas magic: Hot Dog! It’s Another Green Monkey Christmas! There may be a few things [...]

So, somebody asked me, "Dude, I want to hear those jolly songs from last year. Can't you just stream them too." Well, you are in luck. Many of those songs are available for download on [...]

Hey kids! Yes, the Christmas album is up and streaming and yes, the Christmas album is now available for download and no, they are not the same thing. Just to attempt to make this download [...]

In case you did not notice, the December Album of the Month is live - enjoy!

Another day done. Post thanksgiving I have been working hard to get the Xmas AotM rolling for you. We will post tonight/tomorrow with 13 tunes - should have 3 more when the week is done. [...]