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The Big Takeover Review

A very fine review of The Hitmen's Smashface in The Big Takeover!

The Blackouts Rule!

I am preparing the new AotM which is the Backouts and it is of course fantastic. While I am working I am listening to Volume 23 of Ball of Wax which just came out. It [...]

New PJs Single

Mix, mix, mix. Master, master. Mix some more. Mostly finishing the Icons because it must be right (but must get done)! Getting close to done with Green Pajamas Country as well. Pretty great! The Blackouts [...]

Feb. 2011: Picture Day – Wild Aim

Gentle and glorious greetings – It is February, the month football ends and more importantly, the month of love. And when you think love, I know you first think Picture Day. In January, we paid [...]

Pajama time at Studio 66

Another day, another glamorous dollar. So in theory, I'm all done mixing The Icon's mighty Appointment with Destiny! The cover is all done. Think I'll give it a couple days to sink in before I [...]

Picture Day AotM

Here we go. It's February and after being all old school last month, this month we are gettin' all contemporary on ya. Picture Day is a band/project/whatever of old chums Eric Lichter and Jimm McIver, [...]