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Video Shoot for “The Witch” Pretty DANG Cool!

Shot the video for my version of "The Witch" (yes, The Sonics of Tacoma, WA tune) with the Green Pajamas' Mr. Jeff Kelly and I think the footage is quite nice. Big thanks to Laura [...]

Aug. 2012: The Intelligence – Everybody’s Got It Easy But Me

Okay fellow Romans - For this August we have something new and Northwest for you, the latest from The Intelligence - Everybody's Got It Easy But Me. This is their 7th or so album and [...]

Green Monkey On Weeds Again

Watch for us in some bedroom scene in the upcoming season of Weeds! Left to right:  The Icons, Sigourney Reverb and The Goblin Market!

Green Pajamas in Blurt!

Excellent review for the new Green Pajamas in Blurt!

Stick a Fork In It!

Well, I have arrived at the blessed day. New album is done recording. My niece Rosey has taken Howie's pics whipped up a pretty sweet cover. Time to get it out to the pressing plant!


Ok - catching up - Saturday after a frothy opening by Unmanned Drone, The Green Pajamas got up and did  a bewitching set, featuring selections from the last ten years albums. The Queen Bee Is [...]