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We just raised shipping rates.

We bumped up domestic to $3.00 and international from $5.00 to $11.00. The US Postal Service just raised their rates Saturday. We will  keep an eye on what we are actually paying to ship foreign [...]

Short Dyer Review In Dagger

TOM DYER- I AIN’T BLUE ANYMORE- GREEN MONKEY- Interesting batch of bluesy tunes from Seattle guy Tom Dyer. His first record was released in ’83 and this is his 5th since 2009. A few choice [...]

All Whats Rock Sez Yes to Ain’t Blue

Another fine review for Ain't Blue from All Whats Rock: "Tom Dyer’s music not only has spirit, it is rooted in tradition, ripe with potential and different enough to bring a pause for thought, and [...]

Tom Dyer: Human Pot!

This review of I Ain't Blue in Scallywag Magazine is totally hilarious. "Dyer is so underground that he might be at the core of the Earth right now playing gigs for molten sea monkeys who [...]

BL Rag: Tom Dyer Stands On His Own

"I always endeavor to seek out the odd and the inspired in the musical realm. True characters who stand on their own and are unafraid to be themselves. In that tradition of individualism comes Seattle [...]

“Ain’t Blue” Reviewed in IAE

"I Ain't Blue Any More, should be respected as one of the best NON-cliche albums released in 2012.  Don't expect to hear the "oh, baby I love you", or the typical blues songs about "my [...]

Green Pajamas for Portugal!!!

Some Portuguese Green Pajama blog action at man on the moon Google Translation: The Green Pajamas - Death By Misadventure Death By Misadventure is a dizzying exercise psicadelia, full of references related to the supernatural, [...]