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  1. Life Is Fun Brain Wizard 3:22
  2. Bugzahlick Brain Wizard 2:50
  3. Food No9 (Slight Return) Brain Wizard 3:10
  4. You’re Not Smart Brain Wizard 2:24
  5. Lazy Superman Brain Wizard 2:41
  6. Fresh Brain Love Brain Wizard 1:22
  7. Interstellar Star Space Love-Thing Woman Brain Wizard 4:03
  8. Interdimensional Bigfoot Brain Wizard 3:30
  9. Googoley Splatt Brain Wizard 2:36
  10. The 3rd Most Epic Legend of Brain Wizard Brain Wizard 4:42
  11. Kids Don’t Try This At Home Brain Wizard 3:41


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True Facts.

It all started with the Checkered Deemlers, a cartoonish print on thick paper. Suddenly, out of the mist of a disorderly bedroom apartment in Hollywood, kicked up by Horsey Horse (God knows why that fool was there – but he was) the Brain Wizard appeared.

Brain Wizard

Maintaining invisibility to everyone but these “Chosen Disciples” he dropped some EPIC COSMOLOGICAL PLAN – a plan so vast in scope that it could not be comprehended by mere mortals. Only these dudes in some Hollywood apartment, and only at that moment in time. On that very night the Brain Wizard started writing those songs of Pure Genius, communicating telepathically every nuance for his humble practitioners of the recording arts to manifest for the World.

Disciple Kurt

Out of his initial Chosen Disciples, one has never swayed far from his master’s voice – Kurt Elzner, long ago a member of Mazzy Star, The PurdinsPretty Mary Sunshine/Frownland and Pet Knives. Brain Wizard’s driving force, has remained true to the Wizard’s ancient, Epic Vision – whatever that is even. Zach Lansdowne, the bassist from Kurt’s first band, The Purdins, was also given the ability to receive the Brain Wizard’s instructions, a feat of unimaginable importance, which he executed with amazing precision.

Disciple Zach

Yes, the Brain Wizard’s music is forged of time, space and multi-dimensional conference calls with Bigfoot, all distilled into the cosmic essence of everything which is Hella Dope.

And THAT is so Hella Dope.

Brain Wizard

Everything Everywhere All the Time and then Some.

Disciple Kurt Elzner

Whatever the Brain Wizard Instructs, Songwriting


Zach Ragsdale

Whatever the Brain Wizard Instructs, Songwriting

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