Green Pajamas Review in Dagger Zine!

> >://Green Pajamas Review in Dagger Zine!

“in a just world “When Juliet Smiles” would be a top 10 hit.” Dagger Zine

Of course you’ve heard of the Green Pajamas…you have to. This long—running Seattle outfit, led by Mr. Jeff Kelly, have been at it since the early 80’s (their first full-length was 1984) and do not seem to be slowing down. I’ve been on and off the Green PJs bus over the years, have heard several of their records and have missed a handful, too. This is the band’s first record since 2012’s Death by Misadventure and is a bit of a concept record about a lighthouse keeper falling in love with a woman he sees on the beach (we’ve all done that, right?) and the song cycle is as eclectic as anything the band has ever done. The opening cut, “Will the Ships Go Down” didn’t really do it for me but later tunes like “Sea of Secrets 1’ and the “All of the Starry Sky” were both real head turners. There’s lots of strings on here, violins and cellos and member Laura Weller adds mellotron, piano and flute as well (she sings too).  “Who is the Girl” is a real whimsical, swashbuckling adventure (everyone reading this just walked away) and “Madness to Burn” brings in elements of 60’s pop, which has been a Jeff Kelly staple for many years and in a just world “When Juliet Smiles” would be a top 10 hit. As I mentioned before the band’s been around forever, their catalog is extensive and I’d say that, for beginners, To the End of the Sea is as good as any for a jumping on point. Tune in, turn on and discover the Green Pajamas.

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