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  • From Sugarbush Records: A brand new album from Seattle's finest band, and certainly its most consistent - now releasing records for over 30 years. This is a singles (45s) sampler of sorts pulling together various single releases of the past twenty or so years. Starting with the sublime "January Girl" and stampeding through such classics as "Big Black Storm, "Raise Ravens" & " The Red Red Rose" this album sounds like a cohesive work in its own right and stands as an ALBUM as opposed to a random selection of 45s tracks. Jeff Kelly's work rate is astonishing and it is, frankly, criminal that a band with such sheer talent and genius is not feted around the world and playing to huge audiences. I am moved and amazed that Jeff keeps up such an incredibly high standard of work and one can only assume that, as an artist through and though he is somehow COMPELLED to do so. Lucky us, I say. In the meanwhile tiny labels such as us are doing our bit to spread the music and at least release it on a format that will outlive all of us, so that future generations will pick this album up in a junk shop (isn't that the best place for lost gems?) and discover it all for themselves all over again. There is not justice in this world but there is great music, and this IS great music. Buy it, only 300 copies (on purple wax, no less).
  • Jeff Kelly: This song is not about violence. “Kill the Power” is a phrase, like “cut (or kill) the lights,” and is stated in a theatrical sense - almost a pun, upon these troubled times.  The Green Pajamas do not condone violence. Although this song is certainly angry - damn angry, to be truthful - ultimately - it is about talking back the power by way of organized, peaceful protest and, perhaps more importantly, all of us acknowledging - and taking back - the facts.
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    This is one of my very favorite Pajamas records ever. It made me remember why I love music. td "With its Art Tatum shuffle, ghostly imagery and Middle East-meets-Middle England vibe, it's as fleeting and special as a dream about the most magical hippie summer you never had." One of the "Top 10 neglected American classics"  - Tom Cox, The Guardian Unlimited **** "...gorgeously written and orchestrated..."  - Nitsuh Abebe, All Music Guide " album of...breadth and visionary beauty...a perfect amalgam of all the best elements of Green Pajamas' music, and to a few of us at least the band have no equal. By that measure this album is a masterpiece."  - Ptolemaic Terrascope 24 Beautifully recorded and particularly nice with an early evening rainstorm." - Popwatch #9  
  • "You'd think after nearly twenty years and a dozen mostly superlative releases the Green Pajamas would be content to just crank out consistently excellent records, but no: with Northern Gothic they've hit a new peak."  - Michael Toland, High Bias "'Lost Girls Song' is a spooky, heartbreaking piece.  In fact, I found the entire record thematically engaging, with lovely and, yes, haunting melodies." - Andrew Pyper, author of the novel "Lost Girls" "This is a shoe-in for my top of 2002 list, and I can't recommend it enough." - Brian Faulkner, Aural Innovations  
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    A couple boxes of the out-of-print 2009 vinyl LP on the Camera Obscura label came our way - get one while they last! "...simply another batch of superb songs: the pop nuggets "Valerie Rose" and "Watching Jaime Dance," the brooding beauty "The Mystery," the naked plea "Please Come Home," the folk-rock confection "Lady of Spain." Great stuff." - Michael Toland, Trouser Press From the Camera Obscura website... Much along the lines of the earlier Narcotic Kisses compilation, Hidden Minutes is a compilation of odds'n'sods that seemed to beg to be brought together into neat package for fans of Jeff Kelly's fertile song-writing imagination and psych-pop recording stylings. Various singles that had been made available on the internet only needed a place on the "permanent record." So here you have it, a virtual cornucopia of tracks that in an ideal world would be spinning out of your car radio in classic 7" fashion.
  • The Green Pajamas - To The End of the Sea
    "For those who know the Pajamas and their music, the new album will be another step forward.  For those who don’t, the music above will give you an idea of why many of us hold the band in such high regard.  I steal this from the one-sheet which came with the CD to give you an idea of what the album entails. The album tells the story of a lighthouse keeper, the mysterious woman he finds on his beach after a storm one night and what happens from there.  Who is Juliet?  Fallen from a star, a mermaid or maybe just a mysterious woman?  It is sort of a sci-fi romance micro-rock-opera seasoned with a pinch of gothic.  Most of the songs are short, tied into two long medleys.  Many were in fact recorded in that fashion, with one song running right into the next.  Bang, bang and onto the next song. They fashion albums, do the Pajamas.  And Jeff Kelly has honed his craft as songwriter and arranger.  If you don’t have any Pajamas albums in your collection, To the End of the Sea is a great place to start." Frank Gutch Jr. – Segarini: Don’t Believe A Word I Say Free Download with LP or CD.
  • Green Pajamas - If You Knew What I Dreamed
    "This release offers further evidence of the song writing genius of Jeff Kelly and the power of The Green Pajamas..." Simon Lewis - The Terrascope "Jeff Kelly (who has always written the majority of Green Pajamas material) is a bit of a genius, a graduate from the classic school of pop songwriting who combines Beatlesque melodies with imagery you'd more reasonably expect to encounter in classic gothic literature. His songs often contrast chiming guitar riffs with wistful, melancholy melody lines in a way that leaves the listener expecting a twist around every corner. All of which makes the fact that this release focuses solo on Kelly's compositions a very good thing indeed. "If You Knew What I Dreamed" is a live-in-studio release with a few new songs and several GP deep cuts as well as fleshed out band arrangements of some of the very best tracks from Kelly's solo albums." Nathan Ford - The Active Listener Free Download with LP.
  • Green Pajamas - Happy Halloween!
    “Another welcome reissue from Seattle psych popsters . . . if you dig the likes of Syd Barrett, The West Coast Experimental Pop Band, Robyn Hitchcock, Young Marble Giants or The Bevis Frond then you might be well advised to check this out.” Paul Kerr, Americana UK Best Reissue of 2014: The Green Pajamas – Happy Halloween! - Carolina blog "If you are someone who has been a fan of this Seattle band over the years, you will find this to be great, as if a holy grail of sorts has been unleashed and you’ve been patiently waiting for something (anything) unreleased until now." John Book Free Download with CD.
  • The Green Pajamas - November
    “November is a document of a very specific moment in time for the Green Pajamas; it finds them young, wiry, and enthusiastic, and if this isn’t the live album some fans might have dreamed of, it captures them, warts and all, on one of the better nights of their lives together.” Mark Deming. All Music Americana UK: “(November has) a rawness and intensity that is one of the albums strengths, and the album still manages to portray these feelings even after 20 odd years of obscurity" "…as soon as the band plug in and tear into ‘Mary Magdalene’ I’m won over to the unbridled passion that went into the performances." Jeff Penczak -Terrascope Free Download with CD.
  • Frothing The Nog: Ye Fourth Green Monkey Xmas
    It is that time of year again, and, shock o’ shocks, this is the 4th annual GMR Xmas album. Read about it and listen here. Using that inspiration we have titled it “Frothing the ‘Nog: Ye 4th Green Monkey Xmas.” I don’t know that when I started GMR back up 3 and a half years ago if I thought I would be do it this long. But here we are and I expect to do it again next year. As usual it was done with minimal planning – at October 1, I really had no idea what will show up – Howie and I just put out the word and waited to see what appeared. This year we have a prime bunch, a couple mouldy figs, but mostly fresh and Christmassy made just for you this year. I think it’s great and I know you will too!
  • The Green Pajamas - Death By Misadventure
    ‘Death By Misadventure’ is a wacky exercise in psychedelia. Just accept that the moon is made of cheese and give Death By Misadventure a good listen, it’s well worth it. Mark Whitfield - Americana-UK "this is fine stuff, and in the tradition of all the best concept albums, is best enjoyed without trying to follow the somewhat dubious storyline ... the Pajamas continue to do what they do best, namely tuneful acid-pop laced with inspired guitar work, harpsichords, a playful sense of English whimsy not heard since the late sixties, and naturally, choruses that sound like they've been plucked from some great undiscovered songbook in the sky. Nathan - The Active Listener Free Download with CD or LP.
  • The Green Pajamas - Summer of Lust
    After being out of print for over 20 years, we give you the Green Pajamas debut, Summer of Lust, available for the first time ever on CD. Remastered it myself with Joe looking over my shoulder and it sounds remarkably fresh. Two young guys + one Teac 4- track = great fun. We also have a video for you that Howie pulled together from a vintage video tape that Joe bought from some guy he didn’t know when they played the Gorilla Gardens. Yep. Free Download with CD.