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  • Tom Dyer - Trump-ville Cover
    The Trumpville Single was created by Tom Dyer to commemorate Mr. Trump’s more-or-less first 100 days as president of these United States. Trump-ville, a 100% fair and accurate portrayal, is being released as a digital single with an instrumental flip side – Trump-town.
  • Tom Dyer - Songs To Annoy Small Children
    Songs To Annoy Small Children is the latest bit of nonsense from the indefatigable Tom Dyer. This project began life in 1995 without a long-range plan. These were simple, made-up songs to be sung to his long-suffering children. The first was Bathtub Plug, an ode to a replacement plug in a claw foot bathtub. There were five songs total. Three were recorded, including the embarrassing Dyer Family Song.  In December 2016, Dyer decided to complete the song cycle and recorded, in two days, the final two (including the masterpiece There’s A Great Glowing Gasbag In The Sky, It’s Called The Sun) plus a new concluding composition, They’re Old. To add depth and muscle to this remarkable and irreverent artifact, two additional works are being presented herein. First, are the Pirate Songs of Cap’n Kat and the SS Mediocrity. Recorded in 2005 at the zenith of the Johnny Depp pirate mania, these songs a) reflect on health issues encountered by knaves on the high seas and b) inventory the means needed for career success. The songs were composed and performed by Kat and Ben Dyer, who have most recently released material as The Dyer Spawn on GMR’s 2016 Xmas album. Second, we have five songs by Susan Dyer, composed for and performed as part of the pantomime Aladdin & His Magic Lamp in 2002. This cast recording exists because Tom was on the East Coast and could not attend the play. He retained audio engineers to do a live studio recording of the entire performance. These were Ms. Dyer’s first featured compositions; she doubles as a performer in the role of Queen Dragona. Free Download with CDR.    
  • Tom Dyer Plays Hendrix

    This single was originally recorded as part of the History of NW Rock project and was slated for inclusion on that album. At that time, we were unable to obtain a license to release them and the songs were scrapped. We now have said license and we now have liftoff. While it is worth stating these versions are in no way superior to the originals, there is a purity in both intent and execution that is worthy, particularly in the beautiful lead guitar playing of Mr. Scott Sutherland. 

    New Pagan Gods album review: "… the cast assembled here are folks who have a true reverence for these songs and the era. They’re doing it because they love and appreciate it. These songs are in the right hands. Dive in.”

  • Tom Dyer - Meditations on Prince Bowie
    A not-too-reverent reminiscence on two pop music icons.
  • It is time for yet another Jolly Xmas album from top-notch Pacific Northwest Artists. As usual, there was not much of a plan. I sent out my“who wants to play” email in October and fourteen excellent holiday gifts made it our way. Some are from old-time regulars who send us something fresh and frothy every year like Jeff Kelly, 3 Ninjas and The Elf-tones, while rookies like Burnseer and The Navins tee up their Xmas best for the first time. We thank them all for their contributions. A bunch of last minute mixing and editing later, we now share this festiveness with you! Read all about it and listen here! To take the sharing business one step further we strongly encourage you to download here and enjoy this year’s album everywhere - all money we take in from this album goes to MusiCares, a very fine charity that helps music people in need and to which we are proud to contribute.  
  • Cover: Tom Dyer's New Pagan Gods

    “Dyer, a 35-year local rock stalwart and head cheese at local indie label Green Monkey Records, dips into the well of first-wave Northwest rock and roll. The result is the joyous audio equivalent of the best sloppy-drunk sweaty house party you ever crashed. Like any good band rocking a house party, Dyer and his bandmates play with grittily fun-loving chemistry, and that’s what makes this ragged little record sing.” Tony Kay – The Sun Break

    “Louie Louie,  in Dyer’s hands takes not only a huge left turn but an unplanned detour down an alley, across the freeway, and off into the hinterlands, so unique is the arrangement ... he set out to capture the DIY spirit and the maverick vibe that the songs’ creators represented. Methinks he succeeded." Fred Mills  - BLURT

    Free Download with CD.
  • Tom Dyer - Xmas 30 Years In The Making
    "Tom Dyer’s collection of Christmas songs recorded here and there over 30 years is brilliant on the order of Substance W. “No Lou This Christmas” was recorded in 2013 as a tribute to Lou Reed, “Propane Santa” is one of the best true stories turned into song ever. Totally enjoyable.” der Bingle – Merry and Bright. "This accumulation of Christmas recordings, a compilation of original holiday-themed music Dyer’s done on an annual basis, is of the decidedly offbeat variety, but as songs like “No Lou This Xmas” and the reggae-worthy “Jingle Bell Ska” prove, this selection also works well as worthy collection of rockers. And while tracks like “It’s A White Mule Christmas,” “Propane Santa” and the Grinch-like “Christmas Time For Sailors” suggest Dyer’s got his tongue planted firmly in cheek, Xmas-30 Years in the Making is a holly jolly collection all round.” Lee Zimmerman – Blurt “Beginning with the two-minute “It’s Christmas (And I’m Jolly),” Dyer gets you in the mood with his type of a gospel choir, belting out “Ho, Ho, Ho” and “Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas.” The album’s first single, “No Lou This Christmas” is a tribute to the late-Lou Reed as Dyer plugs in for this rocker. Dyer adds a nice, loose rhythm to “Jingle Bells Ska,” and turns “Peace On Earth” into a spaghetti western, before bringing out the kid in all of us with the fun vibe of “Hot Dog! It’s Christmas!” A great piece of holiday folk music is “Snowing In Seattle,” which sounds as if it was recorded right on the spot, in one take as Dyer was looking out the window.” JP’s Music Blog Free Download with CD.
  • Merry Krampus
    “There’s so much greatness in this collection, its hard to know where to begin.” Stubby's House of Christmas Read all abvout it and listen here. This Seattle-based record label rounded up an elpee's worth of toonz from its label artists and friends to benefit the charity MusiCares for 2013. This is the album that contains that fabulous tune "No Lou For Christmas" by Tom Dyer and His Queen's Pajamas that I posted several days ago, a lovely tribute to the late Lou Reed that affectionately pilfers several Lou/Velvets riffs as well as "The Night Before Christmas." Mistletunes "This collection of music is a raucous holiday treat that can be enjoyed with friends and family for years to come." Leslie Snyder
  • The Colorplates
    Subtitled “Post-punk art rock, Seattle, 1979-1982” so there you go. The Green Monkey label has been unearthing some old Pac NW artifacts like this. This goes from straight-ahead rawk (opening title track) to stuff more like no-wave (“Call on Me #1”) and everything in between. 21 songs….interesting. Dagger Zine "never very pretty, but pretty can be overrated." "That The Colorplates, like most local bands, never made it to the larger stage is less a commentary on the quality of their music than on the kinks and quirks of the music business. You listen to their music and it is clear that with a little luck, they could have been a contender." Jack Goodstein “The Adults (Colorplates) are very strange by commercial rock standards. Their style can be best described as punk/art fusion. … The Adults amps were too loud for the room, still these four folks are playing for the fun of it.” Jef Jaison . – Bellevue Journal American Free Download with CD.
  • Frothing The Nog: Ye Fourth Green Monkey Xmas
    It is that time of year again, and, shock o’ shocks, this is the 4th annual GMR Xmas album. Read about it and listen here. Using that inspiration we have titled it “Frothing the ‘Nog: Ye 4th Green Monkey Xmas.” I don’t know that when I started GMR back up 3 and a half years ago if I thought I would be do it this long. But here we are and I expect to do it again next year. As usual it was done with minimal planning – at October 1, I really had no idea what will show up – Howie and I just put out the word and waited to see what appeared. This year we have a prime bunch, a couple mouldy figs, but mostly fresh and Christmassy made just for you this year. I think it’s great and I know you will too!
  • Tom Dyer - I Ain’t Blue Any More
    The latest from Seattle's Tom Dyer is a twisted Americana adventure, a Waits-ian take on the blues, particularly in the arrangements and instrumental experimentation with things like the bulbul tarang, charango and melodica. Dyer's baritone voice holds the whole thing together, preaching a gravelly sermon like Leonard Cohen high on Captain Beefheart. Dave Lake - Seattle Weekly- Reverb "I Am Fretless" is an absolute masterpiece of experimental sounds of East vs. West. In this song Dyer takes his listeners on a journey splashed with color. The dynamics and the sounds of this piece are like nothing you have ever heard before. "I Am Fretless" would make George Harrison jealous would he still be alive today. I Ain’t Blue Anymore was a trip into the mind of Tom Dyer. With nothing held back, this album speaks volumes in terms of who Dyer is as an artist. Julien Alexandre - Redhouse Reviews The underground Seattle Rock veteran plays every instrument; electric and acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, keyboards, saxophone, percussion. He also recorded, mixed and mastered the disc on his own. A one man show indeed; totally unique and off the wall. Dan MacIntosh Free Download with CD.
  • It Crawled Down the Chimney: It’s Another Green Monkey Christmas
    Holy Mo-ly. Another December, another X-mas album. Our best one ever! This year through the miracle of Facebook, we have reached our tentacles out around the world (sorta) to get Northwesters past and present to contribute to your holiday festiveness. It is a rather fun and entertaining notion to toss this idea out to the universe a couple three months before X-mas and see what you can pull together. Another happy result! Even more thrilling, this year, you will be able to download the entire thing! Hot diggy dog! Like last year, we will give away every penny we make on this to the Millioniar Club. Learn more at You can also download the “best of” from the previous two years (It's a Green Monkey Christmas!) – also goes to the Millionair Club. So get to rockin’ for a jolly good cause and have a great holiday.