Top 10 of 2012! – See You in Seattle “This record is ridiculous. Where else you gonna find a song about The Bubbleator I ask?” – Tom Dyer Green Monkey Records (before I ever knew them)

“See You In Seattle represents Seattle as much as Jimi Hendrix, Heart, The Thrown-Ups, and the Edgewater Inn do” This Is Book’s Music

“Musically, it’s all over the map (in a good way), with special recommendations for fans of The Butthole Surfers, Dead Kennedys, Devo, and Camper Van Beethovan. In fact, any of these acts could do wonders with the wonderfully giddy ‘Gayway’, a wink-and-a-nod to the Fair’s midway …” Jeff Penczak – The Terrascope.

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