This is one of my very favorite Pajamas records ever. It made me remember why I love music. td

“With its Art Tatum shuffle, ghostly imagery and Middle East-meets-Middle England vibe, it’s as fleeting and special as a dream about the most magical hippie summer you never had.” One of the “Top 10 neglected American classics”  – Tom Cox, The Guardian Unlimited

**** “…gorgeously written and orchestrated…”  – Nitsuh Abebe, All Music Guide

“…an album of…breadth and visionary beauty…a perfect amalgam of all the best elements of Green Pajamas’ music, and to a few of us at least the band have no equal. By that measure this album is a masterpiece.”  – Ptolemaic Terrascope 24

Beautifully recorded and particularly nice with an early evening rainstorm.” – Popwatch #9