“Their sound was a fusion of raw garage and 60′s psych, with an emphasis on fierce covers of older tunes, but with a few wild originals mixed in. Snotty vocals highlight their take on “We’re Pretty Quick”, insanely overdriven guitars give the Remains’ “All Good Things” a completely different feel from the original, the Wailers’ “Hang Up” is equally crazed, with demented vocals provided by Jeremy, who held a can opened blade to his fingers to get the proper “painful” sound! These cats could easily have fit in with LA’s 80′s garage scene with their fine playing and vocalizing and interpretations of 60′s tunes.” Rich’s R-N-R Rants & Raves

“You  could actually pretty easily think that this was recorded in some basement in the 60s! “1/4 to Zen” that starts off the CD is actually a pretty great tune … Some songs sound almost like The Misfits or The Ramones, so not really that psychedelic and more punk than garage rock. This is wild, loud, raw, honest and energetic rocking and friends of garage punk really should check this album out.” DJ Astro’s Astral Zone

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