The Hype Machine sez ME THREE “is pretty impressive”. We agree. Totally.

The nearly legendary ME THREE – No Money No Fun is being re-released in a nick of time for the 32nd Anniversary of its Original release. NMNF was originally released in 1983 as an eight-song cassette. Twenty-five TDK C-46 cassettes were made and released in 11” x 12” polyethylene bag devices so they would not fit in cassette racks. The release was sold exclusively at Cellophane Square in the U District. Despite this, NMNF could be played in cars.

For this special edition re-release, only seven songs are used and, with only one exception, the epic Give Me Your Voodoo Sign, each song is shorter than its original release. This is ME THREE pared, diced and boiled down to its concise essence. In keeping with tradition, thirty two hand-made and numbered copies will be created for this special release. Additionally, to make up for the missing song, a short internet music film for “Alien Breakfast” has been created, using free-source footage of the same era.

Free Download with CD.