“every scene has that one genius band that never gets beyond headlining local festivals and gigs, and Slam Suzzanne appears to have been one of Seattle’s better punk bands. Never too late to check ‘em out, my friends…” The Recoup

Rock*Roll Experience Bob Suehs says: This record is a re-release and the music is straight up metal with a touch o’ punk infused. “No Food” has a guitar riff that’s a straight up Black Sabbath rip off but the tone isn’t as thick as Sabbath. In the bands defense what metal guitar riff isn’t a slight rip off of Black Sabbath in some way? Loud, fast & always cracking jokes, Slam Suzzanne were a band who’s music was created with a sense of humor ala Mucky Pup & Psychostick. It’s a shame this band never went further than they did because they wrote some goofy yet catchy songs & when they sing “It hurts when I pee” in “Perforated Condom” you realize the genius in this band *sic* .

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