Frank Gutch Jr. “There is raw power here. Raw power! Play it low and you won’t get it. This kind of music you have to crank up!!! Wild freaking take-no-prisoners, slashing guitar and vocals as raw as the guitars. Riffs! Noise! Pounding beat! It’s all here. Again, though, crank it up!!! Garage freaks, metalheads, Power-Poppers and speed freaks are going to love this album. Hell, I’m not any one of those except maybe a Power-Popper, and I love it.”

“the third album of melodic garage-punk from Seattle vets The Fuzz rips its way through dueling buzz-saw guitars and a whole lotta shakin’ and bakin’ going on in the rhythm-section. … So if your idea of a night on the town involves rolling around on the floor and slam dancing or stage diving with your besties, dig The Fuzz and have your cardiologist on speed dial.” Jeff Penczak/Soundblab

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