Don’t freak out, Pajamas fans. The Green Pajamashave not gone Nashville nor have they gone crazy. Well, maybe crazy— a little. What they have done is put out an album called Green Pajama Country! and while it is true that there is a bit of a twang here and there, you can count on the Pajamas to be Pajamas first and genre thereafter. Frank Gutch Jr.

Bleak but poetic, suffused in death, drama, cigarette smoke and whisky, these songs are a very long way from Green Pajamas’ terrific psychedelic sounds, but Kelly’s lyrics and these gripping deliveries make you wonder what took them so long to get to what seems another — if very different — natural home. Graham Reid – Eleswhere

Don’t wait for the full glory of these songs, make an effort to buy this and allow it to scare your countrified-blues away, or feel good in knowing you’re not down in the optimistic gutter like some of these songs suggest. John Book