“Their slam/bang guitar and pounding rhythms wake me up to why I loved The Wailers and The Sonics back in the day and why bands I never would have listened to in the Sixties (Iggy Pop, Dead Boys, Richard Hell & the Voidoids) later became solid favorites.” Frank O. Gutch Jr. – Rock and Reprise

Older, wiser, still smartassed and still in love with catchy tunes, Dyer, Trettevik and their cohorts substitute brattiness for eccentricity, cheeky silliness for wizened wit. Boasting an even more stripped-down power pop style than in ye olden days, the Icons whip out memorable gems like “No Hammer,” “Let It Go” and “You Never Have Time” with the ease of veterans and the energy of a second childhood. Trading youthful verve for mature experience hasn’t harmed the Icons one whit on Appointment With Destiny! Michael Toland – The Big Takeover

it feels and sounds real, that kind of gutsy aggressive rock that is immediate but also something that’s worthy for tomorrow. John Book

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