“there are lots of young musicians trying to capture this kind of guitar-driven spike-pop sound and not doing it nearly as well. With Dyer reactivating the Icons, at least as a recording unit, now is the time to give these Masters of Disaster their long overdue props. “Michael Toland – The Big Takeover

“The Icons have somehow conjured up a mixture of the sixties and the eighties (the Seattle pop rock eighties) and remastered it for the present. No mosh pit for these guys, though on some songs they deserve one.” Frank Gutch Jr. – Rock and Reprise

“Masters Of Disaster (Green Monkey) is an album that represents the Seattle sound circa 1985, and I don’t mean a body of water either. Their sound was a mixture of new wave with a hint of gothic overtones, punk but not overly punk, but with an attitude and hint of sarcasm that has become one of the region’s greatest trademarks.” John Book

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