The latest from Seattle’s Tom Dyer is a twisted Americana adventure, a Waits-ian take on the blues, particularly in the arrangements and instrumental experimentation with things like the bulbul tarang, charango and melodica. Dyer’s baritone voice holds the whole thing together, preaching a gravelly sermon like Leonard Cohen high on Captain Beefheart. Dave Lake – Seattle Weekly- Reverb

“I Am Fretless” is an absolute masterpiece of experimental sounds of East vs. West. In this song Dyer takes his listeners on a journey splashed with color. The dynamics and the sounds of this piece are like nothing you have ever heard before. “I Am Fretless” would make George Harrison jealous would he still be alive today. I Ain’t Blue Anymore was a trip into the mind of Tom Dyer. With nothing held back, this album speaks volumes in terms of who Dyer is as an artist. Julien Alexandre – Redhouse Reviews

The underground Seattle Rock veteran plays every instrument; electric and acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, keyboards, saxophone, percussion. He also recorded, mixed and mastered the disc on his own. A one man show indeed; totally unique and off the wall. Dan MacIntosh

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