“Songs from Academia… is an intriguing listen, to say the least, the collection providing an intimate look at Dyer’s free-wheeling, at times deeply experimental muse.” Fred Mills – Blurt

“Opening with the Gong-like “The Prize,” the album flits between the afore-mentioned dates, taking in the synth-pop of “Little Sally Walker,” the quirky electro-pop of “(Half The World Is Made Of) Women” with its grin-inducing lyrics, and the even quirkier “The Question Asked,” which – dated 2007 – is an indication of how much this musician’s style has changed since the early ‘eighties; great production on this track. “I See Pictures” has a strong UK post-punk vibe to it, while “She’s Winning The War For Daddy” is half show-tune, half brash pop-tune. “The Stars” and “The Sky” are very recent, the former a thumping rocker, the latter a bizarre electro-stomper, while the concluding track, also recent, also showcases Dyer’s skill at putting together poptastic riffola. Great stuff – proper singing and playing, and another volume to come.” Terrascope

“Songs is a personal diary of one man’s journey towards creating sounds which simply suited him, as most of these have not been heard by anyone but his closest friends. Some of them have not been heard by anyone but by its creator, so consider it a lucky chance to listen to the talent of someone who’s goal is to simply create for the sake of being creative. “John Book

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