Holy Mo-ly. Another December, another X-mas album. Our best one ever! This year through the miracle of Facebook, we have reached our tentacles out around the world (sorta) to get Northwesters past and present to contribute to your holiday festiveness. It is a rather fun and entertaining notion to toss this idea out to the universe a couple three months before X-mas and see what you can pull together. Another happy result!

Even more thrilling, this year, you will be able to download the entire thing! Hot diggy dog! Like last year, we will give away every penny we make on this to the Millioniar Club. Learn more at www.millionairclub.org. You can also download the “best of” from the previous two years (It’s a Green Monkey Christmas!) – also goes to the Millionair Club.

So get to rockin’ for a jolly good cause and have a great holiday.