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  • From Sugarbush Records: A brand new album from Seattle's finest band, and certainly its most consistent - now releasing records for over 30 years. This is a singles (45s) sampler of sorts pulling together various single releases of the past twenty or so years. Starting with the sublime "January Girl" and stampeding through such classics as "Big Black Storm, "Raise Ravens" & " The Red Red Rose" this album sounds like a cohesive work in its own right and stands as an ALBUM as opposed to a random selection of 45s tracks. Jeff Kelly's work rate is astonishing and it is, frankly, criminal that a band with such sheer talent and genius is not feted around the world and playing to huge audiences. I am moved and amazed that Jeff keeps up such an incredibly high standard of work and one can only assume that, as an artist through and though he is somehow COMPELLED to do so. Lucky us, I say. In the meanwhile tiny labels such as us are doing our bit to spread the music and at least release it on a format that will outlive all of us, so that future generations will pick this album up in a junk shop (isn't that the best place for lost gems?) and discover it all for themselves all over again. There is not justice in this world but there is great music, and this IS great music. Buy it, only 300 copies (on purple wax, no less).
  • Swedish Finnish

    Swedish Finnish

    Time to get all West Seattle pop-music catchy as hell. The key to the Swedish Finnish pop magic are bodacious hooks that earworm their way into your brain, instantly memorable. Glorious three-part harmonies soar through songs, guitars intertwine and the beat is steady. Delicious summer-time slices of sonic heaven. Swedish Finnish shout their influences loud and clear - the chunkachunk “Mine Is Better” channels some T. Rex; “Don’t Do Anything (I Wouldn’t Do)” is most assuredly a long-lost Ronettes song (with the boys doing the singing). “Hungover” and “Marla’s House” recall their biggest heroes, The (not from West Seattle) Beatles, while “I’m Leaving” takes the under-used chord progression of Them’s “Gloria,” and pounds it into a brand new context. GMR fans will instantly recognize Rod and Andy from The Fuzz (check out the mighty Best Kept Secret). And, of course, Scott Sutherland was one of the brains behind Ladies and Gentlemen, Your King County Queens as well as the guitar star of Tom Dyer’s New Pagan Gods. Free Download with CD.
  • Beirt (Irish/Gaelic for twosome) is the debut album of young (15 & 13) brothers Dante and Eros Faulk, a cello/fiddle folk duo from Olympia, Washington. Both classically trained, the brothers now focus exclusively on a variety of folk and traditional styles of music, ranging from Celtic (Irish, Scottish, Cape Breton), Scandinavian, Quebecoise, to Old Time, Bluegrass and modern day fiddle tunes. Free Download with CDR.
  • Tom Dyer - Trump-ville Cover
    The Trumpville Single was created by Tom Dyer to commemorate Mr. Trump’s more-or-less first 100 days as president of these United States. Trump-ville, a 100% fair and accurate portrayal, is being released as a digital single with an instrumental flip side – Trump-town.
  • The Shaken Growlers cover

    The Shaken Growlers

    Time to get yer groove on with the ass-kickin’ sounds of the Shaken Growlers. Three guys. One bass, one guitar, several drums. With singin’. 100% Pacific Northwest Rock and Roll, straight from their garage to your ever-pounding heart. Thirteen steaming chunks of rock and roll goodness. This is the first time they will be famous. The recipe? The Kinks + Dr. Feelgood + MC5 +The Coasters + The Sweet, plus everything else that makes great rock & roll, shaken not stirred, baby. Yum. Their motto? “We show up, tear it up & stay for the party.” True. Their shirts? Matching! Put’ em together and shake ‘em up – they are ready to come growlin’ to your funky town! Free Download with CD.
  • AAIIEE - folly

    AAIIEE – folly

    Folly is a pure and delicious Pacific Northwest gumbo, with an eclectic offerings ranging from barn-recorded smash-rockers like “Keep Clam” (a tribute to “Old Seattle” icon Ivar Haglund) to the dreamy psyche-jazz-prog of the epic, wandering title tune. However, there is no song stranger than the opener “The Sportsman” a psychotic angling tale with a monster fish inside a grain silo. Not now. Not ever. So beautiful. Free Download with CD.
  • AAIIEE - See You In Seattle
    Top 10 of 2012! – See You in Seattle “This record is ridiculous. Where else you gonna find a song about The Bubbleator I ask?” - Tom Dyer Green Monkey Records (before I ever knew them) “See You In Seattle represents Seattle as much as Jimi Hendrix, Heart, The Thrown-Ups, and the Edgewater Inn do” This Is Book’s Music “Musically, it’s all over the map (in a good way), with special recommendations for fans of The Butthole Surfers, Dead Kennedys, Devo, and Camper Van Beethovan. In fact, any of these acts could do wonders with the wonderfully giddy ‘Gayway’, a wink-and-a-nod to the Fair’s midway …” Jeff Penczak – The Terrascope. Free Download with CD.
  • Jeff Kelly: This song is not about violence. “Kill the Power” is a phrase, like “cut (or kill) the lights,” and is stated in a theatrical sense - almost a pun, upon these troubled times.  The Green Pajamas do not condone violence. Although this song is certainly angry - damn angry, to be truthful - ultimately - it is about talking back the power by way of organized, peaceful protest and, perhaps more importantly, all of us acknowledging - and taking back - the facts.
  • Tom Dyer - Songs To Annoy Small Children
    Songs To Annoy Small Children is the latest bit of nonsense from the indefatigable Tom Dyer. This project began life in 1995 without a long-range plan. These were simple, made-up songs to be sung to his long-suffering children. The first was Bathtub Plug, an ode to a replacement plug in a claw foot bathtub. There were five songs total. Three were recorded, including the embarrassing Dyer Family Song.  In December 2016, Dyer decided to complete the song cycle and recorded, in two days, the final two (including the masterpiece There’s A Great Glowing Gasbag In The Sky, It’s Called The Sun) plus a new concluding composition, They’re Old. To add depth and muscle to this remarkable and irreverent artifact, two additional works are being presented herein. First, are the Pirate Songs of Cap’n Kat and the SS Mediocrity. Recorded in 2005 at the zenith of the Johnny Depp pirate mania, these songs a) reflect on health issues encountered by knaves on the high seas and b) inventory the means needed for career success. The songs were composed and performed by Kat and Ben Dyer, who have most recently released material as The Dyer Spawn on GMR’s 2016 Xmas album. Second, we have five songs by Susan Dyer, composed for and performed as part of the pantomime Aladdin & His Magic Lamp in 2002. This cast recording exists because Tom was on the East Coast and could not attend the play. He retained audio engineers to do a live studio recording of the entire performance. These were Ms. Dyer’s first featured compositions; she doubles as a performer in the role of Queen Dragona. Free Download with CDR.    
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    This is one of my very favorite Pajamas records ever. It made me remember why I love music. td "With its Art Tatum shuffle, ghostly imagery and Middle East-meets-Middle England vibe, it's as fleeting and special as a dream about the most magical hippie summer you never had." One of the "Top 10 neglected American classics"  - Tom Cox, The Guardian Unlimited **** "...gorgeously written and orchestrated..."  - Nitsuh Abebe, All Music Guide " album of...breadth and visionary beauty...a perfect amalgam of all the best elements of Green Pajamas' music, and to a few of us at least the band have no equal. By that measure this album is a masterpiece."  - Ptolemaic Terrascope 24 Beautifully recorded and particularly nice with an early evening rainstorm." - Popwatch #9  
  • "The moodiness, the use of acoustic guitars, piano, and the delicate vocals drench the songs in shadow like a weeping willow from one of Oates' stories." - Mason Jones,
    "The CD is terrific... The music is haunting and mysterious, and very beautifully executed." - Joyce Carol Oates
    "With strong tunes and a theme that unifies but doesn't overwhelm the music, HAUNTED is as good as...any music released in 2005." - Michael Toland, High Bias **** "...recommended listening for those who'd like to check out music that acknowledges the dark side of life..." - Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide 
  • "You'd think after nearly twenty years and a dozen mostly superlative releases the Green Pajamas would be content to just crank out consistently excellent records, but no: with Northern Gothic they've hit a new peak."  - Michael Toland, High Bias "'Lost Girls Song' is a spooky, heartbreaking piece.  In fact, I found the entire record thematically engaging, with lovely and, yes, haunting melodies." - Andrew Pyper, author of the novel "Lost Girls" "This is a shoe-in for my top of 2002 list, and I can't recommend it enough." - Brian Faulkner, Aural Innovations