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Another fine review for 1+1 = ?

Another darn TD Review: “idiosyncratic but this is appealingly odd and engaging.” Graham Reid



Tom Dyer: 1+1=? (Green Monkey) by Graham Reid

The Green Monkey label boss Tom Dyer continues on his idiosyncratic way (an album a year in the past decade), this time taking a sideways a step away from left-field rock/pop and into what are nominally “duets” . . . although he sings everything and the other party – often friends on his label – may contribute vocals (his daughter Kat, Amy Denio) or is an instrumentalist or arranger (Jim of Seattle for the opener Everything in the World is Returning to a State of Nature).

So no, this isn’t anywhere close to Natalie and Nat King Cole, or Frank and Nancy Sinatra but more like spontaneous events (When Roger Took the Bus recorded on iPhone when he walked in on his son Ben and his friend Roger Royset tinkering on guitars and ukulele); strange, cheap and funny electro-pop (Meditations on Prince Bowie which sort-of compares Prince and Bowie) or the appropriately bent A Girl Named Rainbow which is an unrecorded ballad written by Ornette Coleman and delivered here courtesy of overdubs.

Yes, he is idiosyncratic but this is appealingly odd and engaging.


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