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Tom's Rant #1

Rant #1. Okay here’s how this part is gonna work. I will fill up this box with whatever drivel enters my mind and you, dear reader, will have the choice of completely ignoring this section and moving on to the good parts or wallowing in my mind murk to your heart’s content.

So why did I do this Project anyway? Plain and simple – love, the only reason I got into the biz in the first place. In case you didn’t know, I’ve been kinda busy since my last GMR release. Went back to school, earned my Doctorate in Education three years ago while living on the East Coast and am currently President at the Seattle campus of Argosy University (see the About Us page for more on that). A couple years ago my son Ben said I should do a 25year re-release of Monkey Business. I thought it was the dumbest idea I’d ever heard of – who would want to hear a 25 year-old comp that sold 1,000 copies? But I thought about it more and decided that it was time to actually pull the whole label history together and tell the story. This is it.

Finding the music was not easy – many masters were long gone, then some of the long gone masters would get discovered, it sounds great, oops – there’s a big drop out, need another copy and so on and so on. A couple years later it is done at last and you either have a copy or you are going to (BUY) one this very minute because it is the Greatest Damn Record in the History of All Mankind. It has been a love project to do and it is the beginning of a bunch of cool and obscure stuff that I will be sending your way. Over the next couple years I will be making some new stuff (mostly me) and a bunch of remastered GMR stuff available for you on this site. I also plan to start including some non-GMR stuff that meets my ridiculously high standards. If you love great Underground Seattle Rock (note clever insertion of branding slogan) then you have come to the right place. Sign up for our mailing list! Come visit regularly – we will try to keep it fresh for ya.


July 2009

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