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about-tomHey. Here’s the deal. Green Monkey officially started in 1983, putting out 44 releases in the ’83 to ’91 period. We’ve been going again since August 2009 in our Mach II incarnation, with about 45 releases so far. They are all excellent.

In theory we are “underground rock,” but we aren’t always sure what that means. Most of the stuff that we do involves electric guitars, but they are not required. Most of it is from the Pacific Northwest or at least has some tenuous connection.

Some people think we are a re-issue label. We are not. About half our releases have been old stuff and about half are brand-spankin’ new – as we sail into the future, the general trend is toward new recordings.

We put out things we like. We put out things our artists like. If those two don’t line up, it doesn’t happen. We respect our artists and don’t have time for other silliness.

Green Monkey Records LLC and Half the World Publishing are run by label Prez Tom Dyer along with the popular Senior VP of Video Howie Wahlen.

If you’d like to read a fine and thoughtful article about Green Monkey by Frank Gutch Jr., “When A Label’s a Label” – click here!

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