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02-01-2010 5:17 PM

Houston, we have a problem. Al Bloch is streaming right now as the GMR Album of the Month. That’s Al in the spacesuit.

Thanks to Verena for getting this pup up!

01-31-09 7:45am

Al Bloch’s up tomorrow. Spent Friday night finding all the original cassette mixes from Jeff Kelly’s Baroquen Hearts to remaster for release. We coulda just gone with a late 4th generation copy, but I say No Way Baby! – at GMR sound quality matters and we go all the way to the source to get it right for you!

Working hard to get the Green Pajamas – Complete Book of Hours ready for March. This will be a the first release of this material in 20 years and you will get it all – every track from every version from every country and then some. Nice!

Got a very fun plug on KEXP’s web site. Levi Fuller of Ball of Wax does Review:Revue where he pulls out vinyl from the old KCMU vaults and reprints the DJ remarks with a little editorializing. This month it is Green Monkey party! Pretty fun – check it out.

01-24-10 9:24 pm

Ok – Al wasn’t quite ready to roll, but he is now. Continuing to mix the Icons’ old stuff. Icons have a date to record new tracks at Conrad Uno’s Feb 24 – should be a blast!

01-18-10 12:29 pm

Been a busy boy the last couple weeks. The covers were late for Vol. 2 Instrumental and Spoken Word, but promos are all sent out now. Al Bloch’s AotM is ready to roll for Feb 1. Finished mastering the Green Pajamas’ Book of Hours for March 1 release today. In progress of remixing The Icons’ Masters of Disaster from the original 8-tracks. Going to Walkabout Glen Slater’s studio in 15 minutes to add a couple keyboard tracks before remixing. Rehearsing with the Icons to make a new record at Egg Studios in 6-8 weeks. Have a very fine intern Vereena Lindra who is helping with various label junk and am meeting with a photographer at 5:00 today to schedule the entire future. Other than that not much going on.

01-08-2010 5:17 PM

Hello 2010!!! New year.. New Releases.. New GALLERY!

12-31-09 3:58 PM

The new GMR AotM is up and streaming for you – this month we have Tom Dyer – Songs From Academia Vol. 2: Instrumental and Spoken Word, 1980-2008. Like its predecessor, Vol. 1, it is now fully downloadable, “pay what you want” including FREE!

If you want the Deluxe Package, it includes Four Panel Printed Eco-sleeve, Printed Insert & Full-Color CDR duplicated using MFQA® (Master Full Quality Audio), as well downloadable MP3s for Mr. iPod. WOW! $12.99 with free shipping and handling. That is just crazy value for the music buyer of today!

Plus – if you thought Vol. 1 was a little weird, well …

12-29-09 2:38 PM

Excellent review of Volume 1 in Blurt by Fred Mills!

12-29-09 1:12 PM

Total Crap review of Vol. 1 – what was I thinking?

Fine review of the Anthology!

12-28-09 9:58am

Okay, done with the Christmas thing and now onto the next action plan. Am streaming Julian Cope’s Album of the Month as I write, which if you’ve never checked it out is usually a bundle of obscure entertainment. This month it’s PostPunk Sampler, which is right up there with his Glam Rock Sampler and Hard Rock Sampler.

The next GMR AotM, Tom Dyer – Songs from Academia, Vol. 2: Instrumentals and Spoken Word, 1980-2008, will be posted this week. It will be availble for download and as a Deluxe Edition.

If you’re wondering who Verena (below) is, she is our new GMR intern, who will be doing various stuff.

Am planning to remix the Icons – Masters of Disaster in the next couple weeks. The lads are working on their second album in 22 years in a very, shall we say, relaxed fashion.

Planning to do a few other updates to the site which you should see in the coming days.

12-13-09 12:25pm

Verena Lindra is now here to solve all Green Monkey problems. Everything is perfect.

12-4-09 1:10pm

Rumors comfirmed – Mean Mr. Grinch added!

12-2-09 10:17pm

Additionally pithy remarks added to AotM. Rumors of a late entry – Mr. Grinch – headed this way.

11-30-09 9:41

An excellent review of the Anthology posted at Whisperinandhollerin last week!

11-30-09 2:13

Ok – it’s all aboard for the December AotM, Santa’s Not Dead: It’s a Green Monkey Christmas! It is up and streaming for your holiday pleasure with a variety of tracks, both brand spankin’ new and slightly old, including some mighty rare Popllama tracks from ’82 & ’83. Take a click, slog a little eggnog and get happy!

11-28-09 3:30pm

Turkey’s gone – time to get the GMR Christmas album heading your way. Carlton IV has just about finished the cover for our Jan release – Songs from Academia, Vol. 2: Instrumentals and Spoken Word. Working on PJ’s Book of Hours for early spring – action – action action!!

11-19-09 7:00pm

Went and did some digital transfers last night for the Icons. Going to mix the whole damn album for the first time ever by me 20 years after the fact. Crazy.

11-15-09 10:31pm

Working this weekend to prepare some goodies for the December Holiday AotM. How Jolly!

11-8-09 12:01pm

A nice review of Songs From Academia Vol. 1 at Spent yesterday pulling together sixteen Melting Fish songs for future GMR release – yummy!

11-1-09 7:00am

Well, the Red Dress AotM is up and streaming so it’s off to work on the GMR X-mas album! Also, you may enjoy the newly expanded Catalog section – I’ll keep working on adding to that.

10-31-09 10:25am


Thought I should let you know that I will be a guest on Hollow Earth Radio tomorrow (Sunday) from 4-6:00 pm.

Will be playing a variety of whatnots that you cannot hear everyday, so it should be fun.

Tune in, turn on, drop in, etc!

10-31-09 8:36am

Happy Halloween! Red Dress is coming your way this weekend!

10-25-09 8:31am

Have spent the last few days working on remastering stuff. Preparing a new CD of Jeff Kelly home recordings for release. Will digitize Melting Fish today. Decided I need a stand alone CD burner.

10-20-09 7:01am

Hey Music Lovers –
I had a crazy idea last night on my way home that could be fun.

It is simple -invite anyone and everyone who is interested to make a video of one of the songs on Tom Dyer – Songs from Academia Vol. 1 and post it on At the end of the month or so, I’ll put out a Survey Monkey to our mailing list and let everyone pick the best one. The winner will get a yet to be determined prize – I’ll buy ‘em lunch, a 100% genuine French Beret at Byrnie Utz Hats in Seattle (directors need one right?) or something.

Wait a minute you say, do I need fancy equipment to do this?

Nope. Just a computer with Windows Movie Maker (comes with Windows) or iMovie (ditto) and an MP3 of whichever song you want to do, which you can get off this website. Anything fancy beyond that is just icing on the cake.

Drop me a line if you wanna play – I’ll keep a list of whatever is going on. And do feel free to forward this to any prospective videographers you may know!


10-18-09 10:25pm

Nice review of The Anthology at!

10-18-09 7:12pm

So the Huskies gagged and the Seahawks stunk, but Yoko Ono has a new album and it’s GREAT!The following 100% real exchange took place on Facebook yesterday:
YOKO ONO! Just got her new Plastic Ono Band disc “Between My Head and the Sky.” Awesome! Who needs more Beatle’s re-do’s when you can have this?
A Facebook friend
Would you please explain the appeal of Yoko Ono to me. I’ve really tried to understand and I just don’t get it.
hmmm. Well, there’s 3 main kinds of Yoko. There’s the long jamming warbley type vocal thing like on Side 2 of “Live Peace in Toronto” that drives most people nuts. I sorta respect it, but don’t have a lot of need for it. Too screechy.

There’s the kinda folky Yoko that she did in the mid 70’s on “Fly” that I have even less use for. Not screechy enough.

Then there’s the edgy-pop Yoko, typified by her tracks on “Double Fantasy” (which I liked way better than John’s), “Season of Glass” and “Walking on Thin Ice.” Ahhhh – just right!…

This is #3!

Facebook friend
Thanks! I think I have primarily exposed to the first version.

There you have it! NEW YOKO = GREAT!

10-16-09 10:32pm

The November streaming AotM Red Dress, is just about nailed down. Work has begun on the December AotM, A Green Monkey Christmas!

Tom Dyer – Vol. 2: Instrumentals and Spoken Word in in final track selection and cover design pahse.

10-11-09 11:28am

The (R)oc(k)tober streaming AotM, Tom Dyer – Song’s From Academia Vol. 1: Songs with Singing, is now fully downloadable, “pay what you want” including FREE!

If you want the Deluxe Package, it includes Four Panel Printed Eco-sleeve, Printed Insert & Full-Color CDR duplicated using MFQA® (Master Full Quality Audio), as well downloadable MP3s for Mr. iPod. WOW! $12.99 with free shipping and handling.

10-9-09 8:40am

Out new streaming Album-of-the-Month is up and streaming. This month is Tom Dyer – Song’s From Academia Vol. 1: Songs with Singing. You will be able to purchase this “pay what you want” and download or get the deluxe version. I will get that posted in the next couple days.

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