On a late Saturday night in the Summer of 2010, there was a crazy loud car crash on a sweet little corner of a small Seattle hood.

While waiting for the police to come, Scott, innocent bystander one and Frankie, innocent bystander two, introduced themselves and started jawing about music.

One week later, Scott and Frankie had their first jam session and music has not been the same since. 

Scott, on the same corner of the car crash, met Eric. Turns out Eric’s house stands on the crash corner. It is a magical spot where only the most important relationships are born.

Scott brought Eric into the mix and music was forever changed once again.

Burnseer has been a band since 2014 and we have played a lot of great shows ( some with professional baseball players ) and have recorded an unbelievable record at Egg studios in Seattle.

REVIEW: Burnseer’s self-titled debut

Call it what you want: alternative, indie rock, post-grunge, pop punk but Burnseer are a power trio who simply make some damn music and if they sound like anything I described, it’s because they are that good and it comes from experience. On their self-titled debut for Green Monkey records, Frankie G., Eric Norberg, and Norman Scott play the kind of solid rock that I sometimes miss when it was everywhere, a bit like a cross between Belly, L7, and The Lemonheads. You have strong vocals from Frankie G. and then they decide to bring in guitarist Kurt Bloch for a bit of nice assistance. It’s music that sounds like it was meant to be, and what I meant is meant to be whatever you want. Meant to be heard, meant to be strong, meant to be loud, meant to be powerful, it’s all of that and more. Some songs are full of solid rage while others mix up hints of pop to make it (more) appealing but throughout the peaks and valleys, Burnseer are a group who do this with such passion that it makes me wish this lady and gentlemen were one of the biggest bands in the land. Burnseer are meant to be now and they are.

Frankie G.

Guitar and Singing

Norman Scott


Eric Norberg