Dante and Eros Faulk

Dante & Eros

Mirage is the new, sophomore album of brothers Dante and Eros Faulk. The teen cello/fiddle duo draw inspiration from traditional Celtic music on this album of original compositions and contemporary arrangements. The album is produced by renowned Celtic music star Ryan McKasson, whose expertise in arranging and recording music results in unique, innovative, and energetic arrangements of new and old tunes.

Dante and Eros have been playing music their whole lives, both picked up a string instrument at the age of 3. In addition to cello and fiddle, they play guitar, bodhran (Irish drum), banjo, cajon (boxdrum), mandolin, percussion, and vocals. Performing, recording and arranging are some of their favorite things to do! 

Their love and understanding for traditional music combined with their awareness of modern and popular music (ranging from rock, jazz, EDM, and more) yields an inventive and contemporary sound that is still true to their traditional roots. 

Dante and Eros have performed extensively across the Pacific Northwest at festivals and contradances. Some highlights include performing at the Northwest Folklife Festival, Spokane Fall Folk Festival, Wintergrass Music Festival, The Olympia Old Time Festival, The Living Stage, and Olympia Arts Walk Fiddle Festival, as well as opening for Celtic trio sensation Kalos, and Scandinavian folk legends SVER. They have also performed alongside Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas, Darol Anger and Rushad Eggleston, Moira Smiley, and more.

This is the second duo release on Green Monkey Records from Dante and Eros, following 2017’s Beirt, and the third release counting the 2018 album as part of the band REDS. Additionally, Eros has released an EP, entitled Enclave, and several singles independently throughout 2019. 

Mirage takes Dante and Eros’ music in a bold new direction, and establishes them as two of the most innovative musicians in traditional music today.

 “When the two brothers play together, a natural empathy emerges and it’s a wonder to behold, and while the combination of cello and fiddle in a traditional setting may sound unusual, it provides a strong melodic sound and provides an important united front musically.” 
~John O’Regan – The Living Tradition


“The album has a very organic feel, with the recording earthy and natural, allowing the listener an authentic experience.”
~Derek Copley – Irish Music Magazine

Dante Faulk

Cello, bodhran, vocals

Eros Faulk

Fiddle, guitar, percussion