Jeff Kelly

Jeff Kelly is an obsessive. He doesn’t mind solitude or crave the spotlight. Instead he has brilliantly and quietly self recorded and engineered 35 plus releases since he formed The Green Pajamas.  His addictive studio habit has resulted in a continuous stream of music. Emotions run high in his melodies and hooks.  From intimate, heartbreaking love songs to wild, willful and  startlingly strange scenarios, his songs hit all the notes. The constant driver is his intense, innate need to make more and more music and to share it with those that slip into his world.

Over decades beginning with reel to reel tape and currently utilizing Logic Pro, he has evolved on both a technical and creative level. Many artists rely on someone to record and translate their vision. Jeff Kelly is his own translator, recording  and mixing everything himself.

Jeff is best known for fronting The Green Pajamas, formed in 1984 when Jeff Kelly and Joe Ross released their first album, “Summer Of Lust”, pioneering Seattle’s answer to the Los Angeles Paisley Underground scene. Jeff has continued to record and put out work under The Green Pajamas to critical acclaim.  He simultaneously has been pursuing his solo work, his collaboration projects with Laura Weller (The Goblin Market), and his recordings with his wife, Susanne. Jeff has had his work released on independent labels throughout the world. His latest project, “Beneath Stars, Above The River” (due out on Green Monkey Records in spring of 2019) is an album of songs inspired by his recent travels to Spain and Portugal.



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