The Heaters

It’s November of 1978, and three long time friends (Ken Deans, Keith Lilly and Steve Pearson) have decided to ‘do a band’. Thinking it would be pretty cool to have a second guitar player, Pearson introduces Don Short. All four hail from the Seattle’s eastside, holding rehearsals in a freezing basement in Kenmore.
By Spring ’79 this foursome is known as The Heaters. Bursting into the local club scene, the group quickly becomes a favorite in the Seattle area with their danceable, original songs. It seems a week doesn’t go by without press coverage, fan followings, and more and more prestigious gigs. They are paid top dollar, audiences LOVE them, and critics predict them to be the next big thing.
They legally change their name to The Heats, as a band in California already released an album under The Heaters.
Managed by Albatross Productions, the guys are sent out on the road to open for The Knack and Heart. While opening for Heart, they earn the honor of being the first rock band to perform at Radio City Music Hall. Everything is going well for the boys, but they have yet to be signed.
Their first recording experience a 45, “I Don’t Like Your Face/Ordinary Girls” sells 18,000 copies in the Puget Sound area. “Have an Idea,” the Heats first album, is produced by Howard Leese, a member of Heart. It sells 15,000 copies and is eventually named as “one of the top 50 power-pop albums of all time!!” by Goldmine. The band continues to perform, but by Spring of 1981, Lilly leaves the band to support his new family. Wayne Clack replaces him, bringing a new energy to The Heats.
Deans leaves the band in 1982 to pursue another avenue in the entertainment field, and is replaced by Rick Bourgoin. The band continues to tour, and release a second 45 “Count on Me/Rivals” and another album “Burnin Live”. The Heats continue until 1983.

Don Short

Vocals, Guitar

Steve Pearson

Vocals, Guitar

Keith Lilly

Vocals, Bass

Kenny Deans

Vocals, Drums

Eric Norberg