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Aug. 2020: Band of Certainty – Twist and Sway (Seven Songs)


Band of CertaintyThe days have begun to shorten as we live through the craziest time. I guess that’s reassuring, right?

Well so is this. We are releasing Band of Certainty today. Seven songs. Some groovy and sorta soulful. Some blindly stunning. Scott writes ‘em. Sings some. The prettiest ones Tammy sings. I don’t think this is much like our typical GMR fare, whatever that is at this eclectic little house of shenanigans.


Band of Certainty is three long-time Seattle friends – Scott is the nearly eccentric songwriter guitar singin’ guy, Tammy, the achingly beautiful pot of vocal honey, and Mike the subtle harmonic musical glue.  Together they make music that is oddly beautiful, something distinctly American.  Something that just feels like home.

Scott KaplanTwist and Sway (Seven Songs) is their first release, recorded over the last year and optimistically released in the height of the killing virus. Scott started talking to me about recording this while I was still living in Seattle almost 5 years ago. We finally pushed the go button and went to Johnny Sangster’s Crackle & Pop! for tracking with Seattle bass stalwart Rebecca Young and sharp young drummer Percy Boyle from Olympia’s (or wherever) delightful DKDC. The magic thing happened.

For the next several months, Mondays, BoC would drive to my studio hideaway in Olympia and refine. Tracks were created. Ideas were tried and rejected. Olympia’s pedal steel wizard Dan Tyak appeared one night and delivered his beautiful goods. The exquisite Glenn Slater of the Walkabouts never made it to town but still added exactly the right parts to breathe new direction. We toiled on. The result is beautiful. Exquisite. Sometimes charming.

Albert Figures - No Bad DogsScott and Mike have long musical history. Chums, they came to Seattle in the early nineties, in the time of grunge, and formed the obscure and under-rated Albert Figures with Sue Orfield of The Tiptons. They were definitely not grunge. I recorded some of their tunes back then, which led us to today. We are pulling those out of the closet and re-issuing remastered digital-only versions of their long out of print No Bad Dogs from 1994 as well as their 1992 cassette Paint My House. These are pretty fun indeed and you should check them out too.

Other stuff. Maggie Teachout, whose first album we put out her a year back, has changed her artist moniker to The.Vulture.Queen and has a beautiful (and damp) new two-song video for Odysseus & Eyes Closed. Watch it here.

Jon Strongbow Alien City LpI am inching closer to releasing Jon Strongbow’s Alien City album from 1976. Steve Turnidge has done a fab job remastering what was a pretty dull sounding LP and it sounds great!

The Green PajamasI just remastered the Green Pajamas’ live in the studio 10 White Stones which is heading to vinyl, as is The Green Pajamas Family Christmas Album . I will likely release that on CD as well.

Peter Barnes is in the process of pulling his album I Helped together and we may get that out before year’s end.

The True Olympians have set up remote pandemic recording systems and are now beginning to record the blessed Olympia album.

That’s all I got.

td August 2020

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