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True Olympians on Ball of Wax 66 – out now!

Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly #66 is out now with a beautiful True Olympians ditty, “It’s Mud” featuring the delicious Arrington de Dionyso on bass clarinet. This is the first public release of any of the songs form the Olympia: A True Story multi disc set, planned for release late this year.  You can see the True Olympians perform for free this Dec 23 (Thursday) at 7:00 pm at The Spanish Ballroom 565 Broadway Tacoma, WA  98402 

IT’s MUD (Tom Dyer – Half the World Publishing)

Everybody say that it’s the water

Flowin pure and sweet 

A perpetual flood

Twice a day something else will happen

Tide is going out 

Baby It’s Mud

Capitol Lake built for reflection 

Ain’t nobody swimming cuz the snails have won

Knock the stinkin’ dam down no more problem

No reflection now cuz baby baby 

It’s Mud

Habitat ain’t nothin baby

Money is just where it’s at

And business is really going down

With a little more sea rise

Just another foot or two

Olympia will have 

No downtown

Everybody say that it’s the water 

Always been that way

Feel it in our blood

Don’t need to dig too deep to get to toxins

One shovel-full – uh

Everybody say that it’s the water 

Nothing gonna change

Feel it in our blood

Bury head neck deep problems all gone

Tide is coming in now – uh

Baby its mud

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