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Brain Wizard Review!

Think I might have missed this one.

Kurt Elzner’s Brain dump, er Wizard’s debut sounds like some secret Latin phrase but is actually a fun collection of garage post-pop with elements of Prince-ly funk, Guided By Voices-styled homegrown pop, and assorted batshit goofy, drooly headscratchers that will excite fans of everyone from Faust to The Residents. Opener ‘Life Is Fun’ sets the scene with the repetitive chorus ‘I gave my brain away’, so you can understand the brainless cacophony that ensues. It’s all quite lo-fi, full of crap drum kits, gurgling electronics, and distorted vocals (remember Ministry’s ‘Jesus Built My Hot Rod’? Apparently Elzner does, too!)

Inexplicable guitar solos pop up in, well, unexpected places, songs have titles like ‘Bugzahlick,’ ‘Food No9 (Slight Return)’ (most of it appears to be a tape running backwards – get it?), and the ever-popular ‘Googoley Splatt’. ‘Lazy Superman’ has quite the groovy basement pop collages that Runt was known to foist on unsuspecting fans (enjoy the video below), while ‘Fresh Brain Love’ is an acoustic ditty that finds Elzner and collaborator Zach Landsdowne performing self-brain surgery with an Exacto knife. By the time closer ‘Kids Don’t Try This At Home’ rolls around you may be inclined to wish Elzner listened to his own advice, but then think of all the fun you’d miss listening to this mess! –  Jeff Penczak

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