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Cabeza has new single “Check My Head” b/w “Snake Oils”

Sez the band: Cabeza is excited to share more new music with you. We have been busy in the band room developing new musical treats for your ears. Our freshest releases are “Check My Head” and “Snake Oils”. Two songs that reflect our struggles to stay on the constant hamster wheel of wake, do, sleep, repeat, and to the constant reminder that we are vulnerable to our own fears.

“Check My Head” is a song that was developed from the grind. The chores: I think I am losing my mind is like an eerie poem that seems to sneak into all of our heads these days. The song also pay’s tribute to the Late Adam Yauch (MCA) of the Beastie Boys. The Beastie Boys have been a strong influence for Craig and Ray and the lyrics were warped to express a more personal experience.

“Snake Oils” was largely inspired by the 2020 election. As a band we watched and cringed as people continued to argue over human rights issues. We were taken back from the political climate and we decided to put our perspectives on paper. Thus “Snake Oils” was brought to life.

We are currently working on several more songs to round out “The Social Distance” record. So, keep your ears out for more new music from Cabeza soon!

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