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Dec. 2013: Various – Merry Krampus!


  1. Here We Are (On Christmas Day) The Elftones 2:44
  2. No Lou This Xmas Tom Dyer & His Queen's Pajamas 5:01
  3. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus The OF 3:56
  4. Krampus Is An Evil Man AAIIEE 2:48
  5. In The Bleak Winter The Goblin Market 4:27
  6. Love For Christmas Henry Boy Jenkins 3:54
  7. It’s Christmas (and I’m Jolly) Green Monkey Christmas Chorale 2:04
  8. One Last Christmas Eve! Tom Nook 3:52
  9. The Greatest Toy in the World Toxic Socket 2:39
  10. Winter Wonderland The Deadlies 2:30
  11. Christmas (It's Around the Corner) Tom Dyer 3:35
  12. Joy & Good Will Three Ninjas & The Weird Old Tricks 5:01
  13. Christmas Tree Richard & Xander Stuverud 2:03
  14. Drop The Silver Ball King County Queens 4:02
  15. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday The Queen Annes 3:45
  16. Out On Your Motorcycle Jason Rubin 2:42


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Black Friday has come and gone (I think) and the twelve days of Christmas have yet to begin (I made my theatrical debut in the 3rd grade presentation of said masterpiece, starring as the partridge).

As you know, that means it is time for our 5th annual Xmas album. As always, when October starts, I have no idea who will be on this – I just send an invite out to the universe and see who shows up.

The universe has replied.

This year we are making MusiCares the beneficiary. 100% of the dough we collect from downloads will go to them. Every penny. If you don’t know, MusiCares is part of The Recording Academy (the Grammy people – I’m on the Board of Governors for the Pacific Northwest chapter). MusiCares helps musicians in need. No questions asked. At least not the kind that would keep us from helping.

From the website: “MusiCares provides a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need. MusiCares’ services and resources cover a wide range of financial, medical and personal emergencies, and each case is treated with integrity and confidentiality. MusiCares also focuses the resources and attention of the music industry on human service issues that directly impact the health and welfare of the music community.”

It is a fine thing that you can bliss out to the beautiful sounds of another GMR Xmas and do good at the same time, don’t you agree? So – click the link and download. Tell yer ma. Tell yer pa. This makes a great holiday gift (as do most other GMR releases!).

Lest I forget, a big thank you goes to all the musicians who donated their time and effort and to Mr. Steve Turnidge who kindly donated his mastering services to pull the whole messy thing together.

We don’t have an exact plan for January yet, but you guys all know that is nothing new. We will come up with something brilliant no doubt.

Happy Holidays to you all!


December 2013

Green Monkey Records presents

Merry Krampus! (GMX2013)

Xmas album the 5th!

Album Produced by Tom Dyer. Kindly and well Mastered by Steve Turnidge of Arsdivina.

1. The Elf-tones – Here We Are (On Christmas Day) (Trettevik)

© Trettevik 2013
Recorded by Steve @ Steve’s House November 2013. Mixed by Tom Dyer.
Steve Trettevik – Vocals, Guitar, Bass; Sherrie Nordling- Vocals, Keyboard, Ukelele

TD: Just when I thought this year’s album was done, our old Xmas regular (and occasional Icon) Stevie Nations showed up with this charming number for me to do a little editing on and mix it up. Steve and Sherrie have recorded under a variety of obscure auspices in the past, such as Sherrie and the Mudmen. Damn cheery number. So damn cheery if fact that it had to be first!

Photo by Howie Wahlen

2. Tom Dyer & His Queen’s Pajamas – No Lou This Xmas

(Dyer) © 2013 Half the World Publishing

Recorded by Tom Dyer @ TDS Productions November 2013
Tom Dyer – Vocals, Guitar, Organ; Scott Vanderpool – Drums; Joe Ross – Bass; Scott Sutherland – Lead Guitar; Kelle Boyd & Sheila Dunagan (le Cheeky Dames) – Backing Vocals

TD: I was working on this year’s Xmas album in October when Lou Reed died. I am not some obsessed freako stalker fan, but I have great respect for his work. I wasn’t upset. I was surprised he lived so long. I had the idea for this song shortly thereafter and thought wot the hell. Yes it is the exact chord progression of the Velvet’s “Rock and Roll” (also used in a million other songs) and for sure I literarily quote from another Lou song in the second verse homage. Oh yeah, I didn’t write the words to The Night Before Christmas either. Thanks Lou for being Lou. The basic track was cut live in my dining room. Thanks to everyone for coming over and making a racket.

Tom Dyer on facebook

3. The OF – I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus/Snow Miser Song

“I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” by Tommie Connor, ”Snow Miser Song” by M. Laws & J. Bass
Arranged by John Carey, performed by The OF

TD: Fookin’ brilliant! But then, they are The OF. Buy their first album Oh It’s The OF today! It’s a great present for the whole family. Second album coming soon. Ridiculous.

The OF on facebook  The OF website

4. AAIIEE – Krampus is an Evil Man (Larson, Vinyl, Flory, Shumate)

Jeff Larson: Vocals, Bass, bells; Brent Petty: Drums; Greg Stumph: Guitar; Johnny Vinyl: Guitar, Keyboards

TD: I first became aware of these guys about a year ago when they put out their See You In Seattle album, even though they have been around a long time. Man was I missing the boat. What a great band. I asked them if they would do something for Xmas this year and they delivered this dandy delight! Inspired by their tune, I made a scary cover for the album which you may consider the alternative cover for young people.

aaiiee on facebook  aaiiee website

5. The Goblin Market – In The Bleak Midwinter

Written by Christina Rossetti / Music by Gustav Holst
Produced by Laura and Jeff November 2013.
Laura: vocal and acoustic guitars; Jeff: vocal, harmonium and Irish bouzouki; Phil: cellos

TD: A gorgeous winter number from The Goblin Market’s Mr. Kelly and Ms. Weller (and Phil!). I highly recommend last year’s Beneath Far Gondal’s Foreign Sky with a glass of wine and a fireplace. They have some other fine Goblin Market releases you can get direct from Jeff at the PJ’s website. And of course the latest Green Pajamas’ album November is a fabulous stocking stuffer.

The Green Pajamas website  The Green Pajamas on facebook

6. Henry Boy Jenkins – Love For Christmas

© 2013 by Henry Boy Jenkins BowlieSongs (BMI)

TD: Mr. Jenkins was kind enough to favor us with a track for the second year in a row. He wants to tell you all about it now.

HBJ: All instruments played and/or programmed, and all vocals front and back, by HBJ. Recorded, mixed, and mastered at ToyTown Studio between September and November 2013 to tape and computer and back round again. Eargogglers data: 67 instrument tracks, 49 backing vocals, two lead vocals, and at the 3:06 mark, a choir of 100 Henrys to tickle your eardrums. Find the hidden track and win a sugar cookie.

My fascination with surrealist song began with a collection of Broadway musical records for kids. The simple melodies, ample use of sound effects, and picturesque lyrics immediately cued one’s memories, painting pictures for the ears and the mind’s eye. Peter Pan and Captain Hook were as alive to me as Lovely Rita and Billy Shears.

I remember singing along with George Harrison’s backwards guitar solo in “I’m Only Sleeping”, and Ringo’s frenetic drumming at the coda of “Strawberry Fields Forever”. I spent hours deciphering the dual chorus chants of “Everybody’s got one!” and “Oompah-oompah, stick it oop ya joompah!” in the fade of “I Am The Walrus”. Cranberry sauce indeed.

At its best, the holiday season may well be the purest embodiment of psychedelia one could experience without Doctor Roberts’ chemicals. Elves and fairies, flying reindeer, exotic spices and ancient carols, all swirl in a blanket of twinkling lights, sparkling ornaments, creating a tapestry of sounds and sensations that rise and fall like day-glo waves of innocence and dreams. Turn off your mind, relax, and ride the snowflakes. Merry Christmas to you all!

Henry Boy Jenkins on Bandcamp

7. Green Monkey Christmas Chorale – It’s Christmas (and I’m Jolly)

(Dyer) © 2013 Half the World Publishing
Recorded by Tom Dyer @ TDS Productions October 2013

Tom Dyer – Singing & Instruments; Kelle Boyd & Sheila Dunagan – Backing Vocals
TD: Yet another Xmas song idea from this October. This kind of goes back to the choral singing of my youth, Very fun to do.

8. Tom Nook – One Last Christmas Eve!

Lyrics by Owen Burr, Music by Tom Nook

Owen Burr – Vocals, Guitar; Lindsay Vanderpool – Bass; Julian Tennyson – Drums (for now). Please enjoy our fantastic tunes! Recorded by the band in their basement October 2013 with a little last minute help from TD.

TD: The Nooks are sorta punk-pedigreed youth of America high schoolers. Lindsay has two parents I make records with and Owen belongs to Phil and Heike who I have known too long. I am glad that the kids still want to rock.

Tom Nook on bandcamp  Tom Nook on facebook

9. Toxic Socket – The Greatest Toy in the World

Lyrics and music by Duane Hibbard BMI: Hibbard, Duane M. IPI#353696139
Drums by Will Dorsey on facebook
Drums recorded at blAcksound by Michael Parnin on facebook
All other recording, mixing and playing by Duane Hibbard at home in his music room.

TD: This Duane’s third GMR Xmas tune. I think you can call him a regular now. This is his best one yet. Next year I know he’s gonna be even better. Scary.

Duane Hibbard on facebook  Toxic Socket on Reverbnation

10. The Deadlies – Winter Wonderland (Felix Bernard/Richard B. Smith)

James Patrick Regan – Vocals and Guitar; Bob St. Laurent – Bass: Tymber – Drums
Recorded 2013 at Expressions College for Digital Arts
Production: Ivan Piesh, Engineer; Michael Carter, Assistant Engineer

TD: When I sent out the annual who wants to be on the Xmas album email, our old pal and second time Xmas contributor Tymber said hell yeah (we are going to feature Slam Suzzanne some month this year) and got us hooked up her latest bandmates, The Deadlies. They would like you to know the following facts.

The Deadlies are entirely new type of surf band, paying homage to the Ventures Dick Dale and the Chantays as well as the California Honky-tonk sound of Buck Owens and Dwight Yoakam while embracing the California surf punk scene that brought us the Dickies, Top Jimmy and the Rhythm Pigs, and Agent Orange. Recently adding Tymber (from Green Monkey Records’ Slam Suzzanne) on drums brings in the NorthWest sound to complete the vibe of NorCal’s Most Dangerous Surf Band. The Deadlies’ CD releases include “A Very Deadlies Christmas” which is filled with surfed up classics and new seasonal favorites… and available at !

11. Tom Dyer – Christmas (Just Around the Corner)

Photo by Howie Wahlen

(Dyer) © 2013 Half the World Publishing

Recorded by Tom Dyer @ TDS Productions October 2013

Tom Dyer – Singing & Some Instruments; Glenn Slater – Excellent Keyboards; Kelle Boyd & Sheila Dunagan – Backing Vocals

TD: This is probably as close to Bing Crosby as I’m ever gonna get, but of course I would get closer if I could. My old pal Glen from the Walkabouts carried the day on this one. And the Cheeky Dames vocalized with aplomb. This was really fun to do.

12. Three Ninjas & The Weird Old Tricks – Joy & Good Will

Written by Three Ninjas ©.

Three Ninjas – Guitar, vocals, drums, synth; Andy Lowe – bass

TD: This is our second year with a Three Ninjas song. Cool stuff. Some might consider this as this year’s official holiday bummer song. Piffle say I. Green Money fans are made of stouter stuff than that. Three Ninjas has many more fine releases available on his site.

Three Ninjas website

13. Richard & Xander Stuverud – Christmas Tree (Stuverud)

Written and recorded in Philadelphia, PA 2008 © Prabhujee Music ASCAP).

TD: Richard was the drummer in the Bombardiers back in the early days of GMR and has been in many other bands (including being one of the 100 drummers for the Fastbacks) including recently playing on Jeff Ament’s solo albums. This was recorded with his son when he was three.
His Drummed Out video series on Face Book is pretty funny if you can find it.

14. King County Queens – Drop The Silver Ball (Muhlbeier/Sutherland/Vanderpool/Gooch)

© 2013 Yap Publishing B.V.

Scott Vanderpool – Drums,Vocals; Marsh Gooch – Bass/Vocals; Scott Muhlbeier – Guitar;
Scott Sutherland – Guitar/Vocals
Recorded at Ultraman Scott Studio, West Seattle.

TD: Scott’s song about his obsession with Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve midnight dropping ball. If you haven’t listened to (and bought!) the King County Queens debut, that is a big mistake on your part. It’s cool and rocking but smooth, intellectually rich but still stupid. King County Queens – Ladies & Gentlemen, Your… – the perfect stocking stuffer!

King County Queens facebook page

15. The Queen Annes – I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday (Wood)

© EMI Music Publishing, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

Kip Philips – Guitars; James Gascoigne – Drums; Tom O’Connell – Vocals; John Carey – Bass

Recorded by Eric Foray at Vagrant Studios October/November 2013

TD: The Queen Annes pulled out this Roy Wood classic just for you. Roy was #4 with this in England in ‘73, but remains obscure here as always. This version may give Roy the US breakthrough he has been waiting for!  I will be releasing a Queen Annes retrospective of their 80’s stuff in the next month or two. It’s great!

The Queen Annes facebook page

16. Jason Rubin – Out On Your Motorcycle

Produced, composed and performed by Jason Eric Rubin.
Engineered by Keith Jaeger/ Jason Eric Rubin.
Additional engineering by Peter Perdichizzi
Mastered by Rubin/Perdichizzi

TD: Jason sent me this tune from his Songs of Queen Anne, Songs of Japan album, with the simple statement he loves Christmas albums and would love to be on one. I dug the tune. Now he is on one!

Jason Eric Rubin website Facebook page Bandcamp link

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