The very first video for Tom Dyer’s Songs To Annoy Small Children has been created using actual science. This video, created exclusively by Howie, shows the actual Sun of our own actual solar system. As you can see from the video, it is actually on fire. Things that are on fire are HOT. Believe me on this one. When people talk about global warming, this is not what they mean. This not the Earth. This is the Sun. It is supposed to be super hot, like millions of degrees hot. Do not touch it. Ever.

The wonderful album with this song (and others) will be out this Friday. It is called Tom Dyer Presents Songs to Annoy Small Children and Other Family Favorites. The full song title is “There’s A Great Glowing Gasbag In The Sky, It’s Called The Sun,” continuing Dyer’s penchant for needlessly long and wordy titles. 

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