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The Green Pajamas- Sunlight Might Weight Even More (Green Monkey Records)


It’s hard to believe that Seattle’s Green Pajamas, led by the elusive Jeff Kelly, have been at it for nearly 40 years. Yes Kelly founded the band in 1984 and here he is, nearly four decades later still creating challenging neo-psychedelic music and doing a damn good job of it, I’d say. 16 songs on here and this is a lot to take in as these songs are dense and packed with all sorts of twists n’ turns as well as off-the-beaten path interludes. “Menagerie 1” is a nice way to open a record but jump to the classic epic “High Tea with Miss Ava G:” which has some of Kelly’s best guitar work or the more whimsical, otherworldly “Sunlight,” which is another one of my faves on here. Elsewhere, “Hello, Hello” is a jaunty little Beatles-esque number while “Falling In and Out of Love” is a wonderful pop number with a hook to die for. Toward the end of the record you have two more classic psychedelic nuggets in “I Don’t Believe You” and “Lovers Lease.” I’m not sure where the SS Green Pajamas will take us but I’m sure Captain Kelly is already plotting his next voyage so I’m strapped in and ready to sail these high seas. Side note: Kelly’s wife Susanne did the cover art on the record and sang backing vocals on one song).

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