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Jan. 2019: Maggie Teachout – Maybe I’m Still Just Peter

Ladies and Gentlemen, lovers of top-notch professional show biz - it's 2019 – It’s a BANG - here we go! It looks like there is going to be plenty of GMR action in the months ahead, so buckle up pilgrim. First up we have a new release featured as album of the month, Maggie Teachout’s Maybe I’m Still Just Peter. Maggie is an 18-year-old Olympia artist and musician whom I had the great pleasure to record at the end of 2018. Her debut album is released TODAY, Friday, Jan. 25, 2019 and  I think it is really great. If you can, you want to be at her release party at Traditions Café 300 5th Ave SW in Olympia TONIGHT, Friday, January 25 at 7:30pm. Her band from the album will be making their public debut!  Advance tickets are available from Traditions Café (360-705-2819) Regular: $15 Student/Low Income: $10. Plus she is letting furloughed  Federal Employees in for free! I’m goin’ and it's gonna be quite delightful! Maggie grew up in the American Old-Time music tradition in Olympia. She has played music since she was 4; she has written and composed music since she was 13.  On Peter she lands squarely in the world of indie rock. With tracks about self-discovery and heartache like “Fire at the Hem”, songs full of warmth and gratitude like “Cosmos” and “Odysseus” (lyrics available on the GMR bandcamp site, baby) this album is a celebration of artistic independence, a young woman coming into her own musical power. Maggie, music is an outlet where she can advocate for social justice and other issues; this is reflected in several of her songs , including “Waltz for my Daughter,” which features both Maggie and her younger sister, Ruby (of The Bow Weevils). Maggie plays guitar and fiddle; she composed and arranged all of the tracks. It is her art on the album cover.  Most importantly she sings from deep in her soul, she rises up from a heartbreakingly paper-thin whisper to the roar of a lion. She makes it matter. Maybe I’m Still Just Peter reveals Maggie’s versatility as a musician - echoes of her traditional music background giving way to newfound channels for her eclectic songwriting and mighty voice. I really love this record. February, we bill releasing an all new-ish version of Al Bloch – My Favorite Martian, confusingly retitled My Favorite Martian – The Martian Chronicles, Los Angeles 1990’s. As you all recall, we featured the former long-out-of-print disc as AotM (Album of the Month) in February 2010, back when the GMR Mach 2 machine was still fresh as the daisies. Last November, Al and I were so fired up by the fantastic Wenis - The Donut House, Seattle 1980that we decided to tweak up My Favorite Martian and make it available to the entire world. (Possibly even another planet – you listening Mr. Tesla?) Both the Wenis cover and this one were designed (it was also mastered) by Kurt “Mr. Multi-talent” Bloch, who is related to his brother Al. I think Kurt is seriously underrated as a graphic designer. This Al-Fest is gonna rock ya that’s fo’ sho. Coming up in March or April or May or June (July?), we have a the first post-Pajamas Jeff Kelly album – what I’ve heard so far is exquisite. Howie is getting me fired up to complete a project that nearly got done a couple years ago, the Komplete Werks of Chemistry Set, starring two Scotts (S&V). All the pieces are in hand and it is time to push the go button and send it hurtling over the cliff to stardom. Plus about 16 other things. This Saturday you want to head to Slim's in Georgetown for a rare sighting of the the alway mighty and alway spectacular - The OF. They will be playing with Insect Man, who made my uber exciting Top 12 of 2018 list. So exciting! I'll be there yessir.

The Shaken Growlers will be playing at Lucky Liquor Friday Feb 22. Their event listing has a picture of a chicken. Who doesn't like chicken?

REDS Band just got a great write up and interview in Irish Music Magazine. If you haven't seen the 45 minute documentary on them done by Bill Lange, you should check it out now right here: It's fresh! So there ya go. Get on the Maggie Wagon – do it today!

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