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Jan. 2020: Zelda Starfire – V8

Hello friends of our Most Beloved Universe!

Zelda StarfireYou know, we are into that January double shift thing again. Whut dat? Huh? Well when Xmas ends we want the jolly Xmas AotM down-down-down. Put the tree away, Johnny Boy. Our normal cycle is we release new things on the middle of the month Friday, but we put up the fantastic Joe & Bob album late December to start January fresh and zesty. Now it is time for January AotM #2.  Zelda Starfire. ZZZZZZZZelda. Her new EP is V8 (the motor, not the veg juice ya dang health nut).

Zelda Starfire one woman bandMostly you think Zelda – Womando – one Woman band and of course why wouldn’t ya? But this is Zelda with boys thumpin’ scratching and generally creating a ruckus. Bound to be a pleasure, right. The EP contains Zelda’s deeply felt musings on her relationships with her wheels. Auto wheels that is.

You know we love Zelda and you should too. She plays around sometimes and does Wri-ette benefits and stuff like that so get on board the Zelda train. It is coming to your town.

This EP is RAD.

True Olympians ShowNext up big news. Freaking Tom Dyer and the True Olympians Nearly Groundhogs Day show is Saturday Feb 1 9:00pm  at Octapas on 4th in OlyWA. We will be playing what now seems like ancient favorites from our 12 New Recordings album we released 15 months ago, plus a bunch of new songs from the upcoming concept album Olympia. Will it be a Rock Opera? You wish. A concept album is sufficiently out of style for the OlyMen (he/him/his) in this age of Spotify singles. But don’t you worry,  for now it is just a bunch of incredibly conceptual, fine detailed melodic masterpieces bordering on the divine.

If you must have more, well ….. we give you more – following the True Olympians, it’s time for the Olympia debut of Rendition. You know that great album we put out last year by Sally Barry, Renditions. Well now the band is called Rendition, not Sally Barry (perhaps we can convince people the album is named Sally Barry now). They have been play up in milltowns like Everett and they are ready for the big time now. The Capitol!

This Event is BANG.

Rendition coverNext month we will be releasing Olivia! Bloch’s debut with Olivia! Backed up by Al and Kurt Bloch. Yes they are related.

This EP is Super Pop.

I don’t know nuthin’ more. Not one thing.

td Jan 2020

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