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July 2012: The Green Pajamas – Death By Misadventure

Busy Busy Busy.

  1. You Can't Look The Green Pajamas 4:13
  2. Ring Around The Sun The Green Pajamas 1:47
  3. The Universe Is Full of Noise The Green Pajamas 1:40
  4. Sky Blue Balloon The Green Pajamas 3:52
  5. The Queens Last Tango The Green Pajamas 3:48
  6. Silks Final Breath The Green Pajamas 2:35
  7. The Queen Bee Is Dead The Green Pajamas 3:18
  8. Wrong Home The Green Pajamas 4:10
  9. A Piece of a Dream The Green Pajamas 4:57
  10. Carrie The Green Pajamas 3:30
  11. 2nd To The Reward The Green Pajamas 3:32
  12. Beat Me Sally The Green Pajamas 2:53
  13. Supervirgin The Green Pajamas 3:08
  14. Christabel The Green Pajamas 2:03
  15. In The Moonlight Dim The Green Pajamas 3:40
  16. The Spell The Green Pajamas 5:19


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Hello Dear Friends –

First – welcome to the new Green Pajamas album – Death By Misadventure. I know I am completely prejudiced but I think it very, very good. The album centers around the tawdry tale of the Fall of the Queen Bee and as Mr. Kelly says, any resemblance to real people living, dead or otherwise, is completely true. This is the 4th Green Pajamas/Goblin Market release in less than a year, so I hope you can handle the action. In an age where people release albums slowly, this is more like the Beatles putting out a pile in a year (oops – did I say Beatles?). So dig it. The larder is empty now of any new PJs material and you should have a while to wallow in the year’s fertile soil. Be sure and check out the great video we made for the album.

We have some other big changes. First we are in the process of redoing our music player. It is going to be HTML 5, so you will now be able to play it on your iPhone. When you look at the new player, it is a lot more flexible and cool – the biggest difference is the download buttons. You are going to be able to download 128 Kbps MP3’s right off the player for FREE. You can send them to all your friends for FREE. I want you to. If you want a higher quality file or an actual CD, those cost dough. Not FREE. If you are completely happy with the (comparatively) lo-fi download and want to support the artists, there will be a donate button that will take you to PayPal.

Now of course, some months the AotM is not our stuff, so it will be up to the artist whether you can download their tunes.

We have some more changes coming to the page in the next couple months but you will see them as we go.


July 2012

The Green Pajamas – Death By Misadventure (GM1014)


Death by Misadventure cover1. You Can’t Look
2. Ring Around The Sun
3. The Universe Is Full of Noise
4. Sky Blue Balloon
5. The Queen’s Last Tango
6. Silk’s Final Breath
7. The Queen Bee Is Dead
8. Wrong Home


9. A Piece of a Dream
10. Carrie
11. 2nd To The Reward
12. Beat Me Sally
13. Supervirgin
14. Christabel
15. In The Moonlight Dim
16. The Spell

Produced by Jeff Kelly
Mastered at TDS by Tom Dyer
Cover Painting by Susanne Kelly

All songs written by Jeff Kelly © 2012 St. Brigid Publishing / BMI except Wrong Home and Beat Me Sally written by Eric Lichter, © 2012 Eric Lichter

The Fall Of Queen Bee

You Can’t Look

A storm blows in, the shadows move across your skin
No moon again, romance on hold
You take the helm and guide me to another realm

Green Pajamas CD release show July 28, 2012 Sunset Tavern Seattle
The sea is calm, golden and cold
Jump down into your foxhole
As any good soldier would
Will you pray on this rug
Conjure angels, inject the drug
Will you stay, please the rook
Kneel down for a while
Magic circle, secret file
You can play but you can’t look

You can’t see the midnight sun you lead me to
The shooting stars, the angel eyes

And you can’t see the beauty that you give to me
This perfect sea of pleasure and lies

Fall down into this black hole
Suck out the light I took


Dive down into this rabbit’s hole
Just like the White Rabbit would


Ring Around The Sun

Sunshine in May, slowly the summer rolls in
What did they say, tomorrow the end will begin
Sunshine in May, we won’t see summer again
What did they say, she cries at the thought of a
Ring around the sun

Ring around the sun, ring around the sun
There’s a ring around the sun
Ring around the sun, ring around the sun
There’s a ring around the sun

The Universe Is Full Of Noise

This household is electric, I like your wig
Quadraphonic records, that’s something I could dig
Lying to your daddy, sucking on a cig
Drinking down my purple wine

Making our own bootlegs of the show last night
Witches in the garden, writhing in the light
Don’t ground a thing baby, everything is fine
The universe is full of noise

I think we could do all right
I hope you haven’t had no other boys
Dress like Amanda Knight
The universe is full of noise


Sky Blue Balloon

Flying, drifting, floating away
Sailing along in a dandelion’s wake
Flying, drifting, floating away
Just Beki and me and the moon
High in our sky blue balloon

We want you to spy, we need you to betray them
You don’t want to die, man it’s going to be mayhem
Leave the queen and king, nothing will save them
We have no argument with you
We just need your sky blue balloon

The Queen Bee’s Last Tango

Now the village is quiet, no hint of the riot to come
And the rebels in trees, as silent as the breeze, drink up their rum
They steady their nerves and ready their Gatling gun
And get ready for the dying that will come before the rising of the sun

Now the queen is getting sleepy and thinking of her creepy things
And 17 boys, all but one of them named Roy, greet the king
And the prince gets high dreaming of flying machines
As the Royal Golden Tub is filled up with virgins’ blood for the queen
She strips off her girdle, slips off her swastika ring
While 17 boys dressed up as dolls and toys blow the king
In the opium fog the prince and his dog start to sing
And there’s no sense of the sorrow to befall them all tomorrow

Silk’s Last Hour

Little empty eyes communicate no pain
Just a couple of drops in a day of rain
Still I know you are alone, I know you are afraid
But it’s almost done now
It’s almost done now

It’s all over now
It’s all over now
It’s all over now

The Queen Bee Is Dead

By now you’ve all heard the Queen Bee is dead
That’s what I said, the Queen Bee is dead
There’s blood upon the royal bed
Where they cut out her tongue

They filleted her and fried her in batter like fish
Served to the crows on her own golden dish
They say it was her dying wish:
“Rather ate than hung”

Ooh, what are your boys going to do
Lost in a world without you

Her guards left in a pool of lead, they murdered her in the tower
And all the kingdom is up for grabs, we don’t know who’s in power
The royal sewer is running red, this is the witching hour

Ooh, what are your boys going to do
Lost in a world without you
True, some of us will remain true
True to the memory of you

The peasants are taking the palace by storm, moving in a lethal swarm
The Queen Bee’s children skate away to meet the prince at his balloon
A slave boy pumps the bellows, not a second too soon
As on the wind the band begin a melancholy tune
The peasants, in their madness, dance in the cold milky light of the moon

Wrong Home

I just saw several tour buses crash
High up on the Eastlake overpass

You may have your life all set in stone
You may have the right key
But the wrong home

I just heard all these doctors took a pass
On a girl who’s heart would soon collapse


I just saw the twilight come at last
On a sunset born but died too fast
Did you throw that rock too far
Take your wish back from that star
Wishes break like dishes that have
Shattered into a million parts


Cruel Dreams, Cruel Things


A Piece Of A Dream

A fragment of moonlight, a piece of a dream
Where some fallen angel falls for me
And it’s any other moment in any other day
And any other angel might fall this way
But she comes quiet, a downy snow
A piece of a dream that won’t let go of meGreen Pajamas on the set 2

A fragment of moonlight, a piece of a dream
Where two knees part to catch a beam
And the newsreel spins a world between
I glimpse the unknown, see the unseen
The movie plays, a fledgling falls
Reflected in the rain, projected on the walls around me

When you wake from here
I will disappear
I will wait behind
In your cloudy mind

Yes I’ve been there, where I’ll never go
Like a warm blood pond in a bed of snow
But she’ll never know, she’ll never care
I dreamed last night of waterfall hair
A little cat smile, a sparrow voice
And it wasn’t like I had any choice
This fragment of moonlight, piece of a dream
Where two knees part to catch a beam
But I’ll never touch, won’t ever caress
That long white body in that little black dress



Know a girl her name is Carrie
Hair of gold and face of fairy
All wild ideas and flights of fancy
Might just change her name to Nancy for the day

Know a woman, know a man
They’ll die together, hand in hand
But though their love’s extraordinary
She’d leave him in a minute for Carrie anyway

The beautiful, the ordinary
The devil or the Virgin Mary
They all want to be like Carrie

Now upon unsuspecting eyes
Sets the mistress of disguise
From The Bins comes costume, pretty
Might just change her name to Kitty for the day

You’ll think there is nothing better
As she does your hair in fur-necked sweater
Then by the winter candle light
She disappears into the night like a shade


2nd To The Reward

The gulls and their lonesome cries
Blend with the bells, fill up the sky
And in the cruel wind
I see his haunted eyes again

Rain runs down his uniform
Lust blows through me just like a storm
Sorrow is 2nd to the reward
Desire runs through me just like a sword

The virgin ghosts in the hall
Know I’m the shepherd watching over them all
But then with one crooked roll of the dice
I’m only here for the sacrifice

The rain beats down her uniform
Lust blowing through me just like a storm
Sorrow is 2nd to the reward
Desire runs through me just like a sword

Beat Me Sally

When you gonna feel this aroused
When you gonna take this New York town
When you gonna sell off all your art
When you gonna stop this and start

When you gonna beat me Sally
When you gonna trust your wild side
When you gonna deepen your valley
When you gonna feel for signs of life

When you gonna feel so proud
When you gonna crack through the crowd
When you gonna climb back in your heart
When you gonna kindle all those sparks


When you gonna get more loud
When you gonna split apart the clouds
When you gonna peel back your sweet heart
When you gonna stop this and start



Supervirgin, pale, unknowing
Leans into the morning rain
Into my windshield matinee
Comes the girl with no name

Supervirgin, long, elusive
Bends in the wind like a willow
I would trade a million dreams
For one night on her pillow

Mystery is all I see and that is only right
Still maybe I’ll dream of her tonight

Supervirgin, thin, unbroken
Leaves fall on her pretty head
I wonder who will be the boy
To make the blood on her bed


If I had a thousand wishes
I would wish but only one
That I might see her secret place
Then my life could be done



Christabel, I know I love you now but you can’t hear
Christabel, I know I love you now but you can’t hear
How can you be far away from me and yet so near

What is so young yet so old
What is so warm yet so cold
What is white but dark as night
I know

In The Moonlight Dim

She from the lake comes creeping
Descending down the shore
Under the willow, weeping
O’er the old path to your door

And on and up the path she comes
In a steady time but soft
Not a weed heard bending
No petal fallen off

No footprint in the soft black earth
Though there indeed she treads
Past one lone owl among the birds
Save him, all in their beds

As high on the eastward mountain
They watch her progress, grim
And Cristabel the phantom
Moves in the moonlight, dim

The fairy, goblin, witch or ghoul,
The animals of night
Can only ponder Christabel
In their quiet flight
And on and up the path she comes
And through the bower wades
Her swan-like back so common
In The Kingdom of The Shades


And now beneath the apple tree
That grows next to your door
With soundless ease it opens
Her bare foot on your floor

The one lone owl, the only one
To see her enter there
Too late you start and feel her
Icy fingers in your hair

The Spell

Came the night, riding the moon
The misty lust of the dusk, descending too soon
Came a spell, wild, free
And it fell hard over me

And it fell with all of its power
Like a wave washing over a sand castle tower
Like the sun still struggling, bright
As it falls away, bringing the nightGreen Pajamas

Cruel dreams, cruel things
Once so clear even now disappear
Like cerulean smoke rings
But the spell remains
Like a drug in my veins

In The Realm of the Decadent Kiss
You whispered a truth, the black and the bluest of bliss
Then time’s tide pulled you in
The other side, another skin


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