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March 2015: Me THree – No Money … No Fun

Welcome to the month of March!

Here at GMR we often shoot from the hip, but never more than with this latest release. The nearly legendary ME THREE – No Money No Fun is being re-released in a nick of time for the 32nd Anniversary of its Original release. NMNF was originally released in 1983 as an eight-song cassette. Twenty-five TDK C-46 cassettes were made and released in 11” x 12” polyethylene bag devices so they would not fit in cassette racks. The release was sold exclusively at Cellophane Square in the U District. Despite this, NMNF could be played in cars.

For this special edition re-release, only seven songs are used and, with only one exception, the epic Give Me Your Voodoo Sign, each song is shorter than its original release. This is ME THREE pared, diced and boiled down to its concise essence. In keeping with tradition, thirty two hand-made and numbered copies will be created for this special release. Additionally, to make up for the missing song, a short internet music film for “Alien Breakfast” has been created, using free-source footage of the same era.

Little is known about this release, other than that Walter E. Gogh, a former member of The Icons who died in an auto accident while visiting his mother in southern Florida in 1984, plays drums and performs vocals. From a 1983 Green Monkey letter to the press about the original release:

“There are no prewritten words or music on this recording! Only the titles are previously agreed upon. ME THREE does not practice. In a word, this music is improvised; yet, as you shall soon hear, the music bears no resemblance to jazz or music of that ilk. The roots of ME THREE are firmly rooted in the rock tradition.”

There are no plans for a follow-up release by ME THREE.


March 2015

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No Money No Fun (GM1028)

1. Alien Breakfast
2. No Money No Fun
3. Hate The One You’re With
4. N.A.S.A. Girl
5. Concrete Interference
6. I Wonder Why
7. Give Me Your Voodoo Sign

Words & Music by ME THREE
© 1983 Half the World Publishing


Walter E. Gogh – Vocals and Drums

Dick Manley – Bass and Vocal

The Drone – Guitar and vocal

ME THREE Discography:

No Money No Fun CDR (2015)

It Crawled From the Basement CD (2009)

No Money No Fun Cassette (1983)


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