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Mark Brunke Directs New Tom Dyer Video

Tom Dyer has released a third video for from his 1+1 = ? album: “Barbra.” The song (named for Ms. Streisand but is not about her) is a collaboration between TD and Mark Brunke.  Mr. Brunke directed the video and states the following:

The film is made up of outtakes used in films shot on various kinds of Super 8 film. The film is made up of black and white, color, and found footage film shot both traditionally and using frame by frame animation, which was then manipulated by hand using multiple direct animation techniques (work directly on the film itself). The films were digitally transferred by Lightpress in Seattle in 2017 with a grant from the Interbay Cinema Society.

I had about 7 minutes of footage leftover from a project I was working on, these are from that. The film ‘parts’ were then arranged to go with the musical composition by pairing rhythms and colors which worked well together. I digitally edited the sequences together, as well a adding small touches of digital animation. The final shot is of a protest march is from December 1, 1999, an Anti-WTO march. The opening part has images of Sharon Tate and Lee Harvey Oswald. The main central sequence features parts that were entirely hand painted on clear film using inks. These were shown at the Bellevue Art Museum around 2002 or so.

The uninterrupted sequence of brownish film with scratches in it was from a can of found footage I developed by hand using expired chemicals and then bathed in a wash of old pennies to give a copper coloring to the emulsion. That particular film is so brittle I’ve only screened it once, at the Northwest Film Forum in 2002 as well, before having it transferred. I thought it worked well with the second movement of the abstract noise section of the composition before the lyrics come back in.

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