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May 2014: Slam Suzzanne – On The Floor With Your Mom

Good day MayBugs –

  1. No Food Slam Suzzanne 2:25
  2. Perforated Condom Slam Suzzanne 2:36
  3. Hell Night Tour Slam Suzzanne 2:41
  4. Ward Slam Suzzanne 1:18
  5. Get Out Slam Suzzanne 3:49
  6. Skate Slam Suzzanne 2:09
  7. I Like To Say Fuck Slam Suzzanne 3:14
  8. Trouble In My Family Slam Suzzanne 3:07
  9. Neighbor Slam Suzzanne 1:58
  10. Kid Slam Suzzanne 2:20
  11. Dead Water Bunny Slam Suzzanne 2:37
  12. Double Latte’ Slam Suzzanne 1:58
  13. Blood + Guts Slam Suzzanne 5:43
  14. Rat (previously unreleased) Slam Suzzanne 2:31


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Here at GMR we like to focus whenever possible on long-term planning. Which is why just a couple-three weeks ago we decided it was time to re-release Sam Suzzanne – On the Floor With Your Mom. This album is a legendary piece of the Green Monkey cannon. Originally released in 1991 (our first CD, who can imagine) these guys were absolutely over top as a live monster. 100% rock. Punk. Thrash. Whatever. Lyrics that are both hilarious and socially relevant, speaking to the inner child in us all. They like to say f*ck. Oh my. Of course they do. And who doesn’t nowadays. So now is the time and this is the day.

Four years ago when we released The GMR Anthology,  Slam played several shows.  They were terrifying. They were sublime. They were value laden. Perhaps you shall see them again. Perhaps not. So enjoy this. It is beautiful.

Coming next month, uh, we’ll just have to see.


May 2014

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Slam Suzzanne – On the Floor with Your Mom (GM1024)

1. No Food album cover
2. Perforated Condom
3. Hell Night Tour
4. Ward
5. Get Out
6. Skate
7. I Like To Say Fuck
8. Trouble In My Family
9. Neighbor
10. Kid
11. Dead Water Bunny
12. Double Latte’
13. Blood + Guts
14. Rat (previously unreleased)

The band:

Phil Bentz – Vocals
Richie Roberts – Guitar
Rob Turner – Bass
Tymber – Drums

The credits:

Produced and Engineered by Keith Livingston, Recorded at Michael Lord Productions 1991, Mixed by Tom Hall at Triad Studios
“Rat” recorded at the Art Institute of Seattle by Keith Livingston
Mastered by Tom Dyer 2014 at TDS Productions
Keith Livingston – Additional guitar, bass and cowbell
Lanny Kittleson, Gary Barrett, Doug Safford, Glen Nelson – Backup vocals on “Get Out”
Sally – bass, Myron Gregory – drums on “Rat”

All songs by Richie Ray except “Rat” by Richie Ray and Phil Bentz All songs © Half the World Publishing
Original cover design by Ben Thompson (thanks) adapted for re-release by Tom Dyer
Thanks to all our fans for supporting us and making us put this back out.

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We like to say F*ck, it hurts when we go pee, Ward is such a f*ckin dick, we don’t like to talk about our kid, and the neighbor drowned in our pool.

A few things about us, We like to say F*ck, it’s better then Sh*t, it hurts when we go pee, we don’t want to talk about our f*cking little bratty kid, food bank will not give us any food, dead water bunny is not a myth, we don’t fall in love, we can’t ride our skateboard no more, had a dog we named after our best friend Tommy but now is dead, the neighbor drowned in our pool, Ward is such a f*cking dick but his wife was really good last night and we like meat for breakfast.

And get…. the f*ck…. out of my house now!


Slam Suzzanne

* Asterisks supplied by the management.

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