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May 2018: Brain Wizard – Brain Wizard’s Most Hella Dopest

Here we go fo’ May!

So we got a new thing for ya – a new thing of Pure Genius. It is the BRAIN WIZARD, starring in Brain Wizard’s Most Hella Dopest. Where do I even begin?

A couple years ago I got an email from a nameless individual telling me about the so-called Brain Wizard and telling me I wanted a piece of that action. A slurry of email and file exchanges, broken servers, a whirlwind tour of the southwest and a non-fatal crash off the cliffs of the Oregon coast followed.  Asynchronous events that have somehow led us to the current reality. Here is the official party line on the Brain Wizard:


True Facts.

It all started with the Checkered Deemlers, a cartoonish print on thick paper. Suddenly, out of the mist of a disorderly bedroom apartment in Hollywood, kicked up by Horsey Horse (God knows why that fool was there - but he was) the Brain Wizard appeared.

Maintaining invisibility to everyone but these “Chosen Disciples” he dropped some EPIC COSMOLOGICAL PLAN - a plan so vast in scope that mere mortals could not comprehend it. Only these dudes in some Hollywood apartment - and only at that moment in time.  On that very night the Brain Wizard started writing those songs of Pure Genius, communicating telepathically every nuance for his humble practitioners of the recording arts to manifest for the World.

Out of his initial Chosen Disciples, one has never swayed far from his master's voice - Kurt Elzner, long ago a member of The PurdinsMazzy StarPretty Mary Sunshine/Frownland and Pet Knives. Brain Wizard's driving force, has remained true to the Wizard's ancient, Epic Vision - whatever that is even. Zach Lansdowne, the bassist from Kurt's first band, The Purdins, was also given the ability to receive the Brain Wizard's instructions, a feat of unimaginable importance, which he executed with amazing precision.

Yes, the Brain Wizard's music is forged of time, space and multi-dimensional conference calls with Bigfoot, all distilled into the cosmic essence of everything which is Hella Dope.

And THAT is so Hella Dope.


You know me. You know that I don’t take this sort of thing lightly. I cannot testify to the truth of the Brain Wizard, but I can tell you this is really great and one of the best things I have released. And I have released some pretty great shit in my not so humble opinion. Due to the constraints of the ever-changing music bizness, we are releasing this as a digital download only. However, we made some lovely, great sounding  CDRs to send to press and radio. I have 8 left and if want one you can jump right over to our store and grab one. Or just get the download. Or whatever.

 Here’s is a beautiful video

Brain Wizard videoIn case you are wondering, I there will be any public appearances by the Brain Wizard, we just don't know when.

On the topic of live performance, The Queen Annes play the entire album The Mire at Darrell’s Friday May 4, The Shaken Growlers at Lucky Liquor Saturday May 5, Swedish Finnish at Darrell’s Friday May 18. AND, it is almost time for THE LAST GREEN PAJAMAS SHOW EVER. Friday, June 29, 2018 at 9:00 pm at Slim’s Last Chance Saloon in Georgetown, the Green Pajamas will take the stage for the final time after 30 years of performing. If you have been putting off going to see them, I would not delay further. I would not be late either, as Slim’s is not that big. Also appearing are the oh-so-legendary Purdins and the pop-tacular Swedish Finnish.

In other news, Fur For Fairies will be releasing a Remix of "My Stolen Kiss" in the next week or so (I love Fur For Fairies - don't you?), The Shaken Growlers are threatening to release a new single any minute, The REDS (GMR artists Dante and Eros Faulk’s long time  band with another set of brothers, River and Sage) are getting ready to go into the studio to record their debut album this July for September release. Most thrilling (to me at least) my new band The True Olympians has twelve songs nearly completed for our debut release – a little bit more tracking, mix and look out world. It is 100% rock, a swinging bucket of insanity. I am thinking to get it on the streets by August 17. I am pretty damn happy with it so far.

On a bonus note, I wanted to inform you that Insect Man’s new album Still In Love With Everything is a pretty fine NW Rock album, plenty of guitars. I recommend it. If I wasn’t so lazy I’d make it an album of the month in an off month, but I’m just too damn busy. Still, here’s a great track to get you started.


May 2018

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