New $5 Album!

> >://New $5 Album!

Today only, December 6, is It Crawled From the Basement, The Green Monkey Records Anthology, a 2 CD set or download.

Day 5 and we have pulled out all the stops. I don’t know how we are gonna top this one. 47 songs on a 2 CD set, or all 47 songs in one album download. 5 bucks!! The CD includes a pretty detailed history (up to 1991), as well as, the original “Kim the Waitress” single and much, much more.

GMR Goes Bananas. The 5 Buck Xmas Sale! Ho Ho! Every day a new item on sale! 1 day only and just 5 bucks! CD/CDR or Download from Bandcamp! Buy ‘em all! One day at a time.

New sale at about midnight pacific time daily.

Just click on the album cover.

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