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Nov. 2021: Village Green


Chuckie-Boy LogoThe big wheel keeps turning. We edge closer to the brink of planetary disaster, and like Nero, we sit upon the hill and play. What could go wrong?

Despite that rather questionable opening, we have great things for you this month. Let us start with the initial GMR/Chuckie-Boy Super Team Up. Village Green.

Village Green group photo 2Chuckie-Boy CEO Michael Stein sez this.

Village Green was at its heart and core, two brothers. (Yup, one of those bands). Jeff and Trent Kelly grew up in the same small room and shared a love for all types of music, as well as a dream of one day possibly entering that world as music makers. Fame and fortune were never the quest though, only a chance to be a part of the magic of creating and performing.  The fact that they lacked any apparent musical abilities growing up in no way dampened their dreams.

Village Green logoBy the time they were in college, Punk rock had removed all their past inhibitions and, to a dangerous degree, also stoked all their ambitions: they actually thought they might be able to form a band. Once Trent’s first band, The Accident (with M. Stein on skins – td) broke up, he began writing songs for the post-wave, early ‘80’s era. Once Jeff assured him these were ‘actually good’, that was all they needed to finally take the plunge.

Village Green bandThey named their group after a resort in Oregon where their family stayed on the way to visiting Disneyland in the mid-1960s. (The song ‘Tyee’ captures the feeling of growing up in America at the time.) If there is a common thread that runs through much of their compositions, it was the dreamy and romantic recollections of childhood, featuring its unique qualities of innocence and longing. Never angry, cocky, or even whimsical, Village Green’s songs were always marked with a somber and searching sentiment. When the band was finally poised to show the world their choicest creations, Grunge hit the Northwest like a tsunami and their self-produced debut album was wiped off the musical landscape, like a tender weed emerging from the cracks of a busy thoroughfare.

Village Green PosterGirlPerhaps their timing was off, but that’s ok, because it never lessened their earnest resolve to make sound art through imagination, in an effort to aurally paint ‘the other’ for those who shared their curiosity. Nor should the passage of time lesson your enjoyment, as you still have plenty of opportunity to meet the brothers Kelly at that place they created, called Village Green.

IMPORTANT NOTE FROM TD. Many of you regular followers of the Monkey are aware there is a guy named Jeff Kelly, by whom we have put out a few million releases. This ain’t him. This is a whole ‘nother Jeff Kelly. This is the only Trent Kelly on our label however.

Other news.

The Green Pajamas - SevenSugarbush Records in England has just released 2 PJ LPs, Seven Fathoms Down and Falling and a 2 LP expanded Indian Winter.  I completely remastered both and they sound pretty sweet. I expect we will have copies available on our GMR Bandcamp site shortly – will keep you posted.

Also, Pajama King Jeff has been digging thru the deep vaults for some kind of secret history of the Green Pajamas – live stuff, unreleased stuff, low grade beauty for the hard core Pajama-naut. The Finest in art and entertainment value. Interested?

Capping Day News!

Capping Day Laura WellerI am getting closer to pulling together Capping Day – Masterwerks Vol. 1. starring PJs Laura Weller and Joe Ross, with the incredible Bonnie Hammond. Don’t have a release date yet, but I think early next year. 

AAIIEE See You in SeattleAAIIEE!!

In early 2022 we will be doing a vinyl co-release of AAIIEE’s See You In Seattle. It is a wonderful beast and the test pressings sound great.

Mark your JOLLY calendar for Dec. 23.

The True Olympians march to victory as work on the Olympia: A True Story album continues. As if I did not have enuff to do I am now researching/writing a song about the history of jazz music in Oly, which many people have never even heard of. That is the full level of commitment to quality service we consistently provide.

In the meantime, we have been provided an opportunity to deliver a holiday entertainment for you. This will be our first show since since our Groundhog’s Day spectacular at Octapas over a year ago and our first show with drummer Michael and singer Lisa (we’ll get her in the next picture honest)!

Tom Dyer & The True Olympians +

Dancer & Prancer


7pm-10pm  Free Show  All ages welcome

Masks must be worn at all times when social distancing of six feet or more is not possible.

McMenamins Elks Temple

565 Broadway, Tacoma

The True Olympians  released their debut single “Christmas In Olympia” b/w “Christmas Is Love” in 2017, followed by their 2018 album, 12 New Recordings. They have released two more singles: “(I’m A) Lonely Little Christmas Tree” b/w “Christmas Train” and 2020’s “Pandemic Christmas.” They will be playing every Christmas song as well as a few Tom Dyer  Xmas songs and other great songs from their albums. The performance will be the public debut of “Propane Santa” with words by GMR Senior VP Howie. Yessir!  All our Christmas CDs will be available for purchase at the show to patrons looking for that perfect holiday gift.

The True Olympians start at 7:00 so don’t be late.

Dancer and Prancer

Closing the show, Dancer and Prancer, “Seattle’s Kings of Christmas Surf ‘n Stomp”, have been tearing up dance floors across the Pacific Northwest for over a decade. Performing traditional Christmas tunes as classic 60’s surf instrumentals, it’s always a wild shake & stomp holiday dance party wherever they appear!

You don’t want to miss this beauty!

See you next month!

td, Nov. 2021

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