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Sept. 2011: Sigourney Reverb – Bees In Your Bed Bad

Hey back to school shoppers!

  1. Cabin of Hour Dreams Sigourney Reverb 1:44
  2. Who's Yer Muse? Sigourney Reverb 1:54
  3. Hell in a Hamburger Sigourney Reverb 2:48
  4. Everybody Wants To Be Alone Sigourney Reverb 2:27
  5. What If? Sigourney Reverb 1:30
  6. Turn Out The Lights Sigourney Reverb 2:42
  7. Fline Away Sigourney Reverb 1:23
  8. Mallow Pillow Montage Sigourney Reverb 4:44
  9. Pretty Good Chance Sigourney Reverb 2:13
  10. Are We In This Together? Sigourney Reverb 1:12
  11. The Crash Song Sigourney Reverb 1:51
  12. 21-32 Sigourney Reverb 3:28
  13. Little Bird Sigourney Reverb 1:40
  14. Student Loan Blues Sigourney Reverb 1:19


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Pencils, paper, gluestick, iPhone, ruler, backpack, SIGOURNEY REVERB!!!! It’s what all the kids want this year and you don’t want to be left behind!Eric

So by now you have probably noticed Sigourney is the first thing we have put out that we didn’t put out eons ago, perhaps a portent for the future who knows. How’d that happen?

My daughter Kate (Kat to admirers) told me I should check out her pal Eric’s band and got me to watch a crappy youtube video. I liked ‘em right away. She drug me off to see ‘em in some little hole in the wall in Ballard and I still liked ‘em. Even worse, my wife liked ‘em. From there it was a slippery slope – a song for the Xmas AotM that slagged JC. Next thing you know they have convinced me I should record their album in my spare time.

So it goes.

Did it. Damn cool. Pretty damn rocking. Tunes are kinda goofy, kinda pop, kinda catchy, especially consider at least one song involves suicide. While we’re making the record Lori gets a haircut. Donny doesn’t. Record, record, mix, mix, mix. All done. Whew. Off they go to tour.

Who is these Reverbs anyways?

Donny1. Eric is the “genius” of the band. He writes the tunes. He sings. He might yodel. He plays guitar through an ancient Sunn PA. Distorted. He thinks up taking pictures of the band in garbage sacks. He is pretty bald. He used to play in a weirdo band called The Cherubs and plays trumpet around town in Orkestar Zirkonium and other stuff. 2. Lori is the true rock star of the gang. She has actual guitar moves, unlike Eric’s spaznerd moves. She likes tank tops. Sometimes when she screeches at the top of her lungs it makes me think of Yoko in a much less arty way. Sometimes not. 3. Shawn is an enigma. Bass players should always be enigmas. The bass is purple. Like Prince. 4. Donny is the Hammer. When he is not playing drums, he collects scrap metal. Who doesn’t like scrap metal?

So that’s the story. After all that, I still like ‘em plenty. And I am never wrong about these things. Go see ‘em. Buy their record! They will give you happy feelings.


September 2011

Track list and songwriting credits:

Shawn and Lori1. Cabin of Hour Dreams
2. Who’s Yer Muse?
3. Hell in a Hamburger
4. Everybody Wants To Be Alone
5. What If?
6. Turn Out The Lights
7. Fline Away
8. Mallow Pillow Montage
9. Pretty Good Chance
10. Are We In This Together?
11. The Crash Song
12. 21-32
13. Little BirdL-R: Shawn, Donny, Eric and Lori
14. Student Loan Blues

The band left to right:
Shawn Lines – Bass
Donny Craggs – Drums
Eric Padget – Singing and Guitar
Lori Baron – Guitar and Singing

Produced by Tom Dyer and Sigourney Reverb 2011

All songs by Eric except Turn Out The Lights by Eric, Loren Thor and Joe Thompson and Are We In This Together written by Eric and Nick Parker

© 2011 Half The World Publishing


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