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Sept. 2021: The Green Pajamas – Sunlight Might Weigh Even More

Testing 1, testing 1,2, testing …

Warm and pleasant fall greetings to you all,

The weather is beginning to turn us toward Indian Summer in these apocalyptic times and we hope that to be a good sign for the coming days. Less heat, less fire on the West Coast, a little rain would be nice. More pumpkin pie.

The Green Pajamas at Terra StockAnd now … let’s get right to the main event, shall we?

It is the Green Pajamas – Sunlight Might Weigh Even More, the first PJ album in a few years and their first since they stopped performing live. Prime. The album, inspired by the delicious Strung Behind The Sun is out. Repeat: out. As you know I am most partial to the Pajamas’ work, so might not be consider unbiased, but I think this is one of their best. It is great in so many ways. And you want it.

The Green Pajamas at The Royal RoomUnlike our recent spate of highly enjoyable small-batch CDr releases, this is an actual manufactured CD, using all original ones and zeros; that means we have it distributed to record stores. You can buy it direct from us on our Bandcamp page  like always or heck, you can go right to your local store (say West Seattle’s Easy Street, Ballard’s Sonic Boom, various Silver Platters and many more) and buy it. You can even buy it from the enormous soul-eating online store that will deliver it to your home so you don’t ever have to leave the house.

Jeff KellyFor those of you that are wondering about vinyl (I know you are out there), at some point Sugarbush will get a vinyl out – can’t ‘zactly say when. And of course you can hear it on every streaming service right this very minute.  Ubiquitous? Perhaps.

The Green Pajamas - Hello Hello single coverFor the purists among you, yes, the single version of “Hello, Hello” is a little bit different than the album version. That’s why god created singles, yes?

All in all a most fine release.

In other breaking news,

Mud Shack coverit can now be revealed that last month’s new GMR superstar Mud Shack in none other than the Queen Anne’s singer Thomas O’Connell playing damn near everything. The new Todd Rundgren? The new Prince? I just don’t know, but I dig his crude patina! Look out Mr. Murder Hornet!


Next month we will have something entirely new for you

– Throttle Body’s Super Hits of the ’70s. Not tellin’ ya boo about it yet. ‘Cept it’s pretty damn cool. Super cool.


Speaking of totally cool, 

Dante and Eros FaulkEros Faulk (of the brothers Dante & Eros) has released (on his own label) an EP’s worth of material titled Ascension that is nothing like his traditional fiddle music, this is pretty much from Planet Nine and you definitely want to get on this choo choo train. I recommend it! Ascension by Eros Faulk on Prime Music (


The True Olympians 

The True Olympians at the baseball gamecontinue to pound away at the seemingly-never-ending Olympia album. We are making fierce progress. Such beauty! Such commitment! Today I am writing a song titled “Satan Made Him Do It”, about former Thurston County Deputy Sheriff and confessed Satanic child molester Paul Ingram. You don’t get that kind of story in every town!


With all that in mind,

Green Monkey Records XmasI think I am going to take the year off from doing a Christmas album for the first time in a long time. There are plenty of GMR Xmas songs out there already for you to enjoy already – just hit the loop button come December 1. Besides, The True Olympians have been offered a Christmas event at the Spanish Ballroom at McMenamins in Tacoma and we just might have to do it. There has not been any sort of a GMR Xmas show for many years, so it just might potentially perhaps be some fun.

Keep your masks on when you need to and be safe!

‘Til next month,


September 2021

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