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Some Green Monkey History for Ye.

Dennis White has put together an extensive GMR travelogue for the interested: EVERYTHING’S GONE GREEN  Tom Dyer & Green Monkey Records

Be forewarned this is only part one – the Green Pajamas are Part 2!! Dennis writes the occasional NW music history column for Jive Time Records and GMR is delighted to be included.


“It’s September 15, 2019. I’m on the phone with Tom Dyer from his home in Olympia Washington. Tom was born in Des Moines Iowa, although his family moved to Olympia, Washington when he was five years old. Tom relocated back to Olympia in 2016 after decades of living elsewhere…mostly Seattle. It seems fitting that he would have moved back to Olympia…he’s spent so many of his years dedicated to music that Olympia must seem a very comfortable place for him. It’s certainly a completely different town than the one he grew up in. The low-key but world-renowned Oly scene has been the birthplace of some of the nation’s best indie labels, among them K, and Kill Rock Stars. Nowadays Tom Dyer’s label, Green Monkey Records, stands alongside them.” (continue here)

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